Vincenzo Spinoso
David Cohen (NGI_IL)
Dmytro Karpenko (NGI_NDGF)
Jan Astalos (NGI_SK)
Neagu Bianca (NGI_RO)
Alessandro Paolini (EGI Foundation)
Joao Pina
Gianfranco Sciacca (NGI_CH)
Ionut Vasile (NGI_RO)


Integrating HTCondor-CE, following up on all the integration aspects, all proceeding without special issues; an issue could be from the user perspective, the workflow could change if users are using directly CREAM, users probably will need to modify the way in which they submit jobs; there will be tutorials, both for ARC-CE and HTCondor, workshop about ARC and HTCondor CEs will help a lot; there will be in the EGI Conference. 

Dmytro: is it still mandatory to maintain the TopBDII? 
Alessandro: TopBDII is used by WNs, if not used it can be dismissed
Dmytro: we will open GGUS to decommission our BDII, it is not used at all