6-8 May 2019
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VIP as a service platform

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WCW Congress Centre

WCW Congress Centre

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Sorina POP (CNRS)


The Virtual Imaging Platform (VIP) is a web portal initially designed for medical simulation and image data analysis. In March 2019, the VIP instance counts more than 1000 registered users, some 20 applications and 44 publications made by VIP users with results computed with VIP. VIP is open-source software (https://github.com/virtual-imaging-platform/VIP-portal) and uses the French national Dirac service (https://dirac.in2p3.fr/DIRAC) for job submission. VIP is actively involved in multiple national and european projects, such as France Life Imaging, France Grilles, EGI and OpenAire Connect. Since its very beginning, in 2011, VIP aimed at offering high level, open services to academic researchers worldwide, enabling them to access multiple applications, as well as important amounts of storage and computing resources with no required technical skills beyond the use of a web browser. Beyond this initial aim, VIP has recently focused on interoperability and reproducibility. Through the CARMIN (Common API for Research Medical Imaging Network) API, VIP fosters data integration and interoperability among platforms (note: technical details on CARMIN are presented in another proposal “VIP, CARMIN and Dirac to access EGI compute and storage”). Through Boutiques (https://boutiques.github.io/), VIP is able to easily integrate new applications and publish them on open repositories, such as Zenodo, to facilitate reproducible science. Recent developments carried out in collaboration with France Grilles facilitate the installation of a VIP server for new communities. We hope that this will contribute to its larger adoption. Ongoing developments concern the integration of new data storage systems (Dirac File Catalog and possibly iRods), as well as the exploitation of GP-GPU resources for deep learning algorithms. The main VIP instance is currently deployed at the CREATIS laboratory (https://vip.creatis.insa-lyon.fr/) and leverages resources available in the biomed Virtual Organisation of the EGI e-infrastructure. In order to meet the growing needs of different scientific communities that have become interested in using VIP, a second VIP instance has been deployed at IPHC, a French research institute, and is operated by France Grilles (https://sbgsol.in2p3.fr/vip-portal).
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Axel Bonnet (CNRS) Mr Frédéric Cervenansky (Univ Lyon, INSA‐Lyon, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, UJM-Saint Etienne, CNRS, Inserm, CREATIS UMR 5220, U1206, LYON, France) Geneviève Romier (CNRS) Jerome Pansanel (CNRS) Mr Pascal WASSONG (CNRS, IPHC) Sorina POP (CNRS) Tristan Glatard (Concordia University, Canada)

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