6-8 May 2019
WCW Congress Centre
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Scientific Programme

  • Compute, storage and data management

    We invite contributions focusing on compute, storage and data management topics, for example:

    Cloud: compute- or data-intensive tasks/applications in virtual machines or containers;

    Federated access to computing and data: service access and operations from heterogeneous distributed infrastructures and integrate resources from multiple independent providers;

    Open Data Platform: Store and discover research data, publish with open or controlled access, access and reuse data with the EGI computing services;

    Accelerated computing: Run computational tasks on specialised processors (accelerators) with traditional CPUs from multiple providers allowing for faster real-world execution times;

    Any other topics related to HTC, HPC, Rucio, Onedata, and data management.

  • Workflow, orchestration, data analytics

    We invite contributions reporting on experiences with:

    Orchestrating user applications and workloads on distributed computing infrastructures;

    Workflow management systems, cloud orchestrators, Virtual Research Environments, Notebooks and other services that manage and hide the complexity of complex architectures from end users.

    Submissions are invited to introduce tool development and usage experiences; user validation and production operation aspects; experiences with user engagement, support and training; enabling FAIR and reproducible science.

  • Federated AAI infrastructure

    We invite contributions to report on experiences of integrating AAI solutions with the EGI federated AAI infrastructure. In particular, we are looking for contributions focusing on:

    Use cases and experience from the integration of their existing community AAI with the EGI federated AAI infrastructure (from the perspective of VREs, scientific gateways, data analytic frameworks, analytics services, and data exploitation platforms);

    Research community experiences in adopting EGI Check-in as their Community AAI for enabling community members to access to resources;

    EGI and (other) e-infrastructure service providers requirements and experience in integrating their own existing AAI infrastructure with the EGI federated AAI;

    The latest technical advancements of federated AAI solutions, related use cases and technical developments aiming at advancing the EGI federated AAI infrastructure.

  • Community developments

    We invite the national e-Infrastructures (the NGIs), the Federation data centres and the EGI user communities to submit abstracts reporting on:

    Strategy development and future technical roadmaps;

    Technical projects and related outcomes, and their exploitation plans in the EGI federation ;

    Services roadmaps, services in the pipeline;

    Engagement, user support, dissemination and training;

    Links with centres and national, regional and international level;
    International research community collaborations and needs.

  • Techs and Ops: the Federation at work

    We invite IT operators and system administration enthusiasts alike to submit contributions related to emerging trends and technologies applied for the management and evolution of an organization’s IT infrastructure, in terms of capacity (on-premises data centers, cloud resources), availability, security and performance. Topics in this area will cover:

    IT operations management;

    Automation and DevOps;

    Infrastructure monitoring and testing;

    Infrastructure design and service evolution;

    Security and incident management.