ERF Data Group Webinar 2: EOSC Concept and Opportunities


In this webinar, we invite Dr Gergely Sipos from EGI Foundation to give a talk about EOSC and its services, how ERF members can be involved etc. Gergely is an EGI manager in user community engagement. He had been involved with EOSC from the beginning and participated the EOSC projects, EOSCpilot and EOSC-hub and he has good knowledge of EOSC. The webinar will start with a 30' talk from Gergely and followed with Q&A and discussions.

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Attendances: Brian Matthews(STFC), Brigitte Gagey (SOLEIL), Darren (MAX IV), Jürgen Neuhaus (FRM II), Mihai Ciubancan (ELI_LASER), Nicoletta Carboni (CERIC_ERIC), Rolf Krahl (HZB), Sibel Yaser(dCache/DESY), Gergely Sipos, Yin Chen (EGI)

Presentation: EOSC Concept and Opportunity -- which give an overview of EOSC activates and projects, introducing the key project EOSC-hub, zooming in the areas that bring opportunities to the communities and discussed possible ways that ERF community member can participate to the EOSC


Darren: many services are already included in the EOSC-potal, how they have been evaluated and included. In particular some services looks very specific, such as HPC services provided by PRACE, do they have real users?

Gergely: that's a good question! The page gives some information how to become a service provider and the requirements for your services. After submission, there will be evaluation phase based on certain criteria .

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    • 09:30 10:00
      EOSC Concept and Opportunities 30m
      Speaker: Dr Gergely Sipos (
    • 10:00 10:30
      Discussions 30m