25-27 June 2019
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Purpose of the workshop is to gather input on the EOSC architecture and service roadmap to produce the deliverable D10.4 EOSC Hub Technical Architecture and standards roadmap v2. The envisaged architecture will be defined to satisfy technical interoperability requirements collected from a large set of EOSC use cases. D10.4 will provide content for a position paper that will become an input for the activity of the EOSC Architecture WG.


  • Discussion of the capabilities that EOSC services will provide by technical area and related EOSC use cases, taking into consideration the main recommendations from the EOSC pilot scientific demonstrators and other EOSC-hub use cases
  • For each technical area, the definition of the main features, the interoperability requirements and guidelines (protocols, standards, best practices) (e.g. interoperability and integration, access channels).
  • For each technical area, the definition of the future technical plans to support recurrent EOSC use cases.


Meeting Notes:


LO17 at CWI
Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica Science Park 123 1098 XG Amsterdam