Attendees. Debora, Tobias, Donatello, Fabrizio, Regina

CMCC update:

Infrastructure Manager integration ->  completed with the support of UPV. Fully integrated and tested.
also other ECAS components integrated.
Finalization of other little aspects.
Training provided (EUDAT/PRACE summer school) - notebook created and published in the GitHub repository
Published also the notebook for the VA reporting
b2drop integration with also the download part (not also upload)
Contribution for the EGI newsletter

DKRZ update:

Only remaining integration action is B2SHARE extension; still waiting for a release of B2SHARE that supports this. -> it can be done also later.

EGU 2020 proposal for ECAS short course submitted, but after deadline, unclear whether it will be accepted -> not approved -> other options will be explored
Tutorials and training. eScience conference tutorial planning

Probably webinars -> to be continue in WP11 .

Amendment: request of extension if needed.

Deliverable: almost ready contribution. 

No further meetings.

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