2-5 November 2020
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

ARCHIVER overview and results of the design phase

2 Nov 2020, 15:30
Room: http://go.egi.eu/zoom2

Room: http://go.egi.eu/zoom2

Full presentation: long (25 mins.) Data Management Solutions - Part 1


Jakub Urban (CERN)


ARCHIVER - Archiving and preservation for research environments - is a project coordinated by CERN using the EC PCP instrument to procure, assess and validate R&D from cloud based data archiving and preservation services. The project activities combine multiple ICT technologies, including extreme data-scaling, network connectivity, service interoperability and business models, in a hybrid cloud environment to deliver end-to-end archival and preservation services that cover the full research lifecycle. By acting as a coalition of public funded organisations (CERN, EMBL-EBI, DESY and PIC), ARCHIVER will create an eco-system for specialist ICT companies active in archiving and data preservation, who would like to introduce new, open services capable of supporting the expanding needs of research communities.

The project started in 2019 with a large Open Market Consultation aiming to improve the mutual understanding of the R&D challenges across procurer research performing organisations and industry. During this process, potential R&D bidders assessed the innovation potential to address the project use-cases while the ARCHIVER consortium performed a gap analysis in preservation services offered to the public sector. This analysis has been documented and the results will be presented at the EGI2020 conference.

The Request for Tenders (RfT) for the development of innovative preservation services in the context of the ARCHIVER project was based on this analysis. Published on January 31st 2020, the RfT was downloaded 150 times. In total, 15 offers were received, grouping 43 companies and organisations. Following the review process, five consortia were selected for the Design Phase (by alphabetical order):

  • Arkivum – Google
  • GMV – PIQL – AWS – SafeSpring
  • Libnova – CSIC – University of Barcelona – Giaretta Associates
  • RHEA System Spa – DEDAGROUP – GTT
  • T-Systems International – GWDG – Onedata

These consortia are now competitively developing services to meet the requirements of the coalition of public funded organisations engaged in the project.

In parallel, to encourage wide deployment of solutions outside the consortium, namely in the context of the EOSC, the ARCHIVER project engaged with a group of Early Adopters. Early Adopters are public organisations having a need for innovative digital archiving and preservation solutions that the services resulting from the ARCHIVER project could be satisfying. Early Adopters are entitled to several benefits such as assessing resulting services from the project, shaping the R&D carried out in the project, contributing with use cases and profiting from the same commercialisation conditions as the organisations participating in the project, in the case of purchase of services developed after the end of the project. Currently, eleven organisations are enrolled in the programme, representing different fields of research and different regions and others are in the process of becoming Early Adopters.

This presentation will make an overview of the project, the Early Adopters programme and the R&D proposals of the consortia selected for the project design phase. In addition, the selected consortia’ architectures will be briefly shown during the presentation.

Primary authors

Marion Devouassoux Joao Fernandes (CERN) Jimmy James (CERN) Bob Jones (CERN) Anna Manu (CERN) Ignacio Peluaga (CERN) Jakub Urban (CERN)

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