Nov 2 – 5, 2020
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Workflow Orchestration on Tightly Federated Computing Resources: the LEXIS approach

Nov 2, 2020, 2:05 PM


Full presentation: short (15 mins.) Workflow Management solutions


Dr Alberto Scionti (LINKS Foundation)Mr Marc Levrier (Atos)



  • Scientific application workflow modelling and orchestration
  • Multi-site Cloud and HPC federation
  • Federated security


This presentation aims at illustrating the key idea and technologies behind the LEXIS Orchestration Service and the LEXIS AAI. Starting from a review of the state-of-art on computing resource federation, the innovative approach of the LEXIS platform will be motivated. Finally, a detailed illustration of the LEXIS orchestrator, along with the main relevant aspects related to the dynamic resource allocation, and the LEXIS AAI will be provided.

Primary authors

Dr Alberto Scionti (LINKS Foundation) Mr Marc Levrier (Atos) Mr Laurent Ganne (Atos) Mr François Exertier (Atos) Dr Olivier Terzo (LINKS Foundation) Dr Jan Martinovic (IT4Innovations - VSB) Dr Jan Kernek (IT4Innovations - VSB) Dr Martin Golasowski (IT4Innovations - VSB) Mr Frédéric Donnat (Outpost 24) Mr Giacomo Vitali (LINKS Foundation)

Presentation materials