Nov 2 – 5, 2020
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Coordination of infrastructure management

Nov 4, 2020, 9:45 AM
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Coordination of infrastructure management

  • Jerome Pansanel (CNRS)


The maintenance of computer systems is an essential activity to guarantee the availability of services and to respect the commitments made to users. It requires tools that are compatible with all middleware deployed by the resource providers. Previously, YAIM was used to simplify the configuration of grid middleware. However, it is no longer
supported and cannot be used with other type of software like OpenStack or OpenNebula.

In order to overcome this issue and fulfil production requirements, the teams in charge of system administration have developed a set of recipes for configuration management tools, such as Puppet or Ansible. These
developments have been done separately and without coordination. The UMD team is using recipes for the verification step, updating existing ones and writing from scratch where nothing is available. Also, put
effort in providing some guidelines on how to write Ansible roles for EGI.

The main objective of this session is to be a place that allow for more thorough discussion about how to set up common tools and repositories to facilitate the sharing of configuration recipes for Grid and Cloud sites. After the presentation of configuration management tools, a round table will take place to exchange views and experience, as well as the coordination required to develop a common place to share recipes and documentations for these tools.

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Jerome Pansanel (CNRS)
11/4/20, 9:45 AM
Bruno Rodriguez (IFAE)
11/4/20, 9:55 AM
Maarten Litmaath (CERN), Mayank Sharma (CERN)
11/4/20, 10:05 AM
Vincenzo Spinoso (INFN)
11/4/20, 10:15 AM
Bruno Rodriguez (IFAE), Jerome Pansanel (CNRS), Vincenzo Spinoso (INFN)
11/4/20, 10:35 AM
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