Engagement & NIL meeting

Gergely Sipos (EGI.eu) , Giuseppe La Rocca (EGI.eu)

This is a teleconference for the NGI International Liaisons (NIL), national/regional user community support teams and other stakeholders who are involved in EGI's 'Engagement activity'. 

Background to the NIL activity:

The EGI Engagement activity reaches out to scientific communities, researchers, educators and innovators in academia and industry and supports them in tackling scientific challenges with the use of ICT services, solutions and consultancy from the EGI community. This complex task requires coordinated outreach, technical support, training, testing activities - by the distributed teams and skills that are available in EGI. The NGI International Liaisons are key enablers and contributors to this, by linking national initiatives and teams into the European EGI Engagement landscape. The NGI International Liaison role is described at https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/NGI_International_Liaison, alongside with resources and materials that can help the NILs be successful in community outreach, engagement, support. 

How to connect

Teleconference room:  https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/328384613

Notes of NGI International Liaisons meeting



Gergely Sipos, Yin Chen - EGI Foundation

Genevieve Romier - France Grilles

Joao Pina - IBERGRID

Stephane Gerard - BEgrid

Ian Collier - UK


Updates from EGI:

1. The EGI Conference, originally planned for June, is postponed. We are looking at the week of November 2 (and also for a new venue because the university venue in Lyon is avaialble only during school breaks).

ACTION (All): Let us know if you know any event which may cause a clash for this week.


2. We'd like to open a call for early adopters, a call for research communities that'd need EGI services for community e-infrastructure use. The support would start with an online version of the 'Design your e-infrastructrue' workshop which we planned for the EGI Conference. Now we'll run this workshop as a fully online event, but with the well-known structure of the previous years. The call for early adopters would collect use cases for this. We'll need the NGIs support to distribute the call, to participate in the evaluation of submissions, to participate in the support of the use cases (incl. the online workshop).

ACTION (EGI.eu): Draft the call text and define timeline for opening, closing, evaluation, workshop. Organise the evaluation process and workshop.

ACTION (NGIs): Feedback on the call text; Distribution of the call; Partcipate in evaluation and workshop


3. We'd like to stregthen our online presence with launching a webinar series. The events are planned with weekly frequency from early April. The presentations would be on a rotation:

- talks by EGI.eu people about EGI services and their use

- talks by scientific communities about their use and benefits of using EGI

- talks by NGIs about their contribution to EGI and impact on national aspect of science

ACTION (All): Please volunteer for a presentation and/or Propose presentation topics that we should cover. (Send input to Giuseppe La Rocca <giuseppe.larocca@egi.eu>)


4. We'd like to establish a network of trainers from within the NGIs and link them to the EGI.eu trainers. The goals are to

- Complement the EGI.eu training team with trainers from the NGIs who are interested in learning about the EGI topics (e.g. FitSM; Jupyter; DataHub)

- Expand the EGI training portfolio topics with additional topics mastered by the NGIs

ACTION (EGI.eu): Circulate a form where the NGI members can express their interest in joining the training network.


5. New proposals:

EGI.eu is participating in several proposals as e-infrastructure provider. We more often use now the funding concept of allocating a fix EUR amount as 'OTHER' cost under EGI.eu which is then reassigned to selected resource providers during the proposal time. This allows us use providers the better meet the user requirments. The NextGEOSS and SoBigData++ projects already use this concept)


6. EOSC updates:

- The EOSC-hub week will be also postponed to a later date. Details are still to be defined.

- EGI.eu is involved in INFRAEOSC07 and 03 proposals. The council representatives are kept informed about these. Please talk with your council representative if you need more information.


There are minutes attached to this event. Show them.
    • 15:30 16:30
      Updates from EGI 1h

      1.) EGI Conference 2020

      2.) Annual engagement, support and training plan
      * Call for research pilots (timeline, online workshop)
      * Webinar series
      * Set-up of a Network of trainers

      3.) New proposals preparation

      4.) Updates from EOSC
      * The EOSC-hub Week in Karlsruhe
      * INFRAEOSC07 and INFRAEOSC03 updates

    • 16:30 16:55
      Updates from the NGIs - Short round table update meeting attendees 25m

      1.) Status/feedback/technical requirements from the scientific communities currently supported
      2.) Recent and upcoming events
      3.) Training needs and plans

    • 16:55 17:00
      AOB 5m