18-22 October 2021
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Demo: EOSC Portal - Onboard your resources and contribute to creating Europe’s trusted digital environment for research

19 Oct 2021, 13:30
go.egi.eu/egi2021-4 (Zoom Room 4)


Zoom Room 4

Demonstration EOSC EOSC - Demonstration


George Papastefanatos (University of Athens)


EOSC will become Europe’s virtual environment for all researchers to store, manage, analyse and re-use data for research, innovation and educational purposes. EOSC is intended to set off the ground by federating existing scientific data infrastructures and digital infrastructures for data exploitation that are now spread across disciplines and EU member states. This will make access to scientific data and other scientific outputs easier and more efficient.

The EOSC Portal is part of the European Open Science Cloud implementation roadmap as one of the expected “federating core” services contributing to the implementation of the “Access and interface” action line. It provides a European delivery channel connecting the demand and supply sides of EOSC and its different stakeholders.

The EOSC Portal is a gateway to information and resources in EOSC, providing updates on its governance and players, the projects contributing to its realisation, funding opportunities for EOSC stakeholders, relevant European and national policies, documents, and recent developments. The Portal welcomes the participation of providers that contribute to develop EOSC into a rich environment offering a wide range of services and resources for researchers through the EOSC Portal Catalogue & Marketplace.

Onboarding and maintaining quality resources for research on the EOSC Portal is a great chance for providers to reach out to researchers across Europe and beyond. Providers receive support in the onboarding process, visibility on an evolving platform, updated statistics about usage and user feedback.

This demonstration given by the EOSC Enhance team will present the benefits that providers get by uploading their services and resources into the EOSC Portal and will offer a tutorial to introduce its various features, such as the steps of the onboarding process, how to navigate the elements of the provider dashboard, how to add new resources or update existing resources and how to use the EOSC Portal API.

Dr. George Papastefanatos is a senior researcher at Athena Research Center and affiliated with University of Athens- Department of Informatics & Telecommunications. He holds a Diploma
in Electrical and Computer Engineering (2000) and PhD in Computer Science from the National Technical
University of Athens (2009). George has more than 15 years of active involvement as a researcher and technical
and project manager in several RTD projects, including projects related to Big Data engineering, big data
visualization and analytics and the European Open Science Cloud activities. George was a member of the
Architecture Working group of the European Open Science Cloud and he participates as a technical manager
and researcher in a series of research projects which are developing EOSC (EOSC Future and EOSC-ENHANCE which develop
and improve the functionality of the EOSC Portal for providers, eInfraCentral project, which offered the service catalogue
functionality in the newly launched EOSC portal, CatRIS, which built the catalogue of services of Research
Infrastructures and Neanias, whose goal is to develop and deliver sustainable services from the Atmosphere,
Underwater & Space Communities). Also, George's expertise is in the area of big data management, data
services on the cloud and data analytics and specifically in issues related to the web data and linked data
modelling, data integration, archiving and preservation, information visualization and exploration. He has coauthored
more than 60 papers in these areas, 1 book and 3 chapters in books, and 3 of his articles have been
awarded best paper prizes in conferences.

Most suitable track Delivering services and solutions

Primary authors

Federico Drago (Trust-IT Services) Jorge Sanchez (JNP) George Papastefanatos (University of Athens) Mr Luigi Colucci (Trust-IT Services) Athanasia Spiliotopoulou (JNP)

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