18-22 October 2021
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Incident Response in multiple Service-User-Relation layers and threat intel sharing in challenging environments.

19 Oct 2021, 12:15
go.egi.eu/egi2021-2 (Zoom Room 2)


Zoom Room 2


Sven Gabriel (NIKHEF)


Incident Response in complex governance environments requires an additional level of responsibility awareness and clear agreements on the roles in Incident Response.
We will look at two scenarios to illustrate the problem.
1. Multiple layers of Service-User-Relations in cloud environments. Here we have the Resource Center providing the virtualization enabling technologies as a service, the users can then run another IAAS on the VM provided by the User, who then in turn provides a service to his users,
that can run services for another layer of users. To keep track of who is responsible for what and has sufficient information to act on reported problems is getting hazy the more such layers exist.
A similar problem exist in environments like a federation of
federations, which may have different policies and procedures in effect. Information sharing, in particular Threat Intel sharing in these set ups are an additional challenge, possible solutions will for this be presented here.

Speaker bio: https://nl.linkedin.com/in/sven-gabriel-a3296227

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