Oct 18 – 22, 2021
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EOSC - Workshop

Oct 19, 2021, 11:15 AM
go.egi.eu/egi2021-3 (Zoom Room 3)


Zoom Room 3


EOSC - Workshop: Bridging from theory to practice with EOSC-Synergy

  • Isabel Campos (CSIC)
  • Valentino Cavalli (EGI.eu)


The project EOSC-Synergy is pushing the state-of-the-art to facilitate the adoption of EOSC for infrastructure managers and scientific application developers in a way that supports EOSC Core interoperability guidelines, fosters the development of quality software, and provides a comprehensive environment for Thematic Services to become a part of the EOSC Exchange ecosystem.

Our strategy to foster EOSC adoption is based on the development of a quality-based approach built upon the definition of a software and service quality baseline, that enables the safe deployment of scientific thematic services, in terms of security and safe data transfer across Europe. Following the EOSC core architecture, EOSC-Synergy has integrated national e-infrastructures and developed a portfolio of services to support 10 thematic services to support relevant scientific areas in Europe.

The purpose of this workshop is to share our vision on all the project developments from a pragmatic point of view, in the form of hands-on practical approach. The target audience includes service and infrastructure providers, research applications developers, and support software developers.

The sessions will cover the several steps of the life cycle, starting by the infrastructure approach, with a focus on federated access to such infrastructures such as Cloud and HPC mainframes. Here the project will present the developments, “HowTos”, and demonstrations that streamline access to Clouds and HPC resources.

On the software quality side we will present the status of our quality assurance developments for software and services, organized around the implementation of the SQA as a Service (SQAaaS) platform, and data FAIRness, and how they fit in the framework of the EOSC Interest Group on “Infrastructure for Quality Research Software”. This will be followed by a practical tutorial on how to use the SQAaaS platform to integrate automated quality assurance procedures in the development of research software.

We will also portray a selection of thematic services that have been integrated among our 10 pilot cases. On the use cases and applications side, we will count as well with invited presentations from cooperating projects to analyse the synergies and opportunities for cooperation aiming at integrating thematic services in EOSC.

The training portal of EOSC-Synergy will be used as a tool during the session to showcase the best practices approach to the development of training material, and collect feedback from the participants.

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Isabel Campos (CSIC)
10/19/21, 11:15 AM
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