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Topic: ZM1 - OMB meeting
Time: Apr 15, 2021 10:00 Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna

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Matthew Viljoen
Baptiste Grenier
Alessandro Paolini
Andrzej Zemla
Jan Astalos
Dave Kelsey
Maarten Litmaath
Greg Corbett
Jerome Pansanel
Valeria Ardizzone
Oxana Smirnova
Gianfranco Sciacca
Mirek Ruda
Linda Cornwall
Emir Imamagic
Dragos Ciobanu-Zanet
Ionut Vasile
Sven Gabriel
Joao Pina

Speaker: Matthew Viljoen (EGI.eu)

Jerome: to add as AoB (in case during the next OMB) a topic about evolution of authentication, regarding VOMS, macaroons, WLCGtokens

idea to have a sort of self assessment of the marturity of Suppliers' service delivery

next OMB: 18 June

EGI/WLCG collaboration whitepaper
Speaker: Matthew Viljoen (EGI.eu)

Maarten noted that a new version (v0.99) has been created with some minor cosmetic changes since the version sent to the OMB
on 1 Apr. This version will be uploaded to the OMB agenda.

document to be finalised in the coming few days after revewing any final input that may come from the WLCG-MB. 
Any changes will be propogated to the OMB for additional comment.

final version will be published in Zenodo before the end of Apr.
for future changes, the idea is to have a very light process, without having too frequent changes

(no particular remarks during the meeting)

CONFM/CHM/RDM processes alignment
Speaker: Matthew Viljoen (EGI.eu)

(no particular remarks during the meeting)

Suggestion that the procedures would be marked as accepted by the OMB by the end of April if there is no disagreement

Cloud badging updates
Speaker: Valeria Ardizzone (EGI.eu)

Jerome: it would be helpful a probe to check the cloud accounting

updates on campaigns: CREAM-CE, VOMS, APEL
Speaker: Alessandro Paolini (EGI.eu)

Security updates
Speaker: Sven Gabriel (NIKHEF)

Incident occured with the UMD Repository
(affecting Wordpress running on the frontend)
Service migrated from IASA to IBERGRID

Incident occurred on a Fedcloud Site
investigation still ongoing

we have limited view on what is happening on Fedcloud

extensive set of policies, which will be needed to review and to adapt to the current situation


Autzh topic (requested by Jerome)
moving authz on tokens
process started 2 years ago
(also related to the drop of support of globus toolkit)

OSG set-up two taskforces
they will drop support to x509 authentication

WG for Transition to Tokens and Globus Retirement

Document prepared by WLCG with a first draft of milestones

with effort involving several partners, the globus toolkit was kept alive as Community toolkit

moving away from gridftp is relatively easy because several alternatives are already available
in WLCG plans to become independent from gridftp at the end of the year

moving away from GSI is a bit more difficult

if we no longer use x509, then we don't have to depend any more on globus GSI
and we start using tokens as done in industry and accademia

for the next few years we would have a mixed situation where wlcg still slightly depends on x509
there will be other communities for which it will be more difficult moving away from x509
but WLCG can be used as example by other communities

EGI needs to make sure that other communties will be ready for this transition

when the things will be more defined and some middleware pieces are ready for the new paradigm, a presentation can be provided.

maybe to check with other communities: what is the timeline to turn off x509?
starting now or waiting for some other time before checking that?

Valeria reported that EGI is already investigating on this migration, together AAI and INDIGO IAM teams. 
A more comprehensive report and discussion can follow at a later OMB

UMD team is working on a new release.
currently testing the release candidate and fixing some bugs with the repository
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