The Role of Research in Data Spaces and Data Ecosystems

by Mr Mark Dietrich (EGI.eu)


Target audience

  • Scientific communities

  • Data managers/stewards/librarians

  • Developers, integrators

Webinar programme (1h)

  • Presentation (40 min)

  • Q&A (20 min)

Description about the presentation

In recent years, there has been growing discussion of data ecosystems and data spaces, primarily in the context of industry and government.  The European Commission just announced (November 10, 2021) 410 Million Euros for actions supporting the deployment of common data spaces including sectoral data spaces and the supporting cloud-to-edge infrastructure and services.  This webinar will explain what data spaces and data ecosystems are, how they relate to FAIR and open research data, and present scientific communities with a roadmap for participating in data spaces/ecosystems.  The architectures and terminology of Gaia-X, International Data Spaces and FIWARE will be presented in comparison with common practices in research related to data exchange and sharing.


Mark Dietrich

Senior Advisor at EGI Foundation

Andrea Manzi

Data Solutions Manager at the EGI Foundation 

Mark Dietrich is Senior Advisor with EGI Foundation, guiding EGI’s alignment with initiatives of the European Commission, with the broader cloud computing industry in Europe and with global open science efforts. Mark is an experienced leader and senior executive, skilled in a wide range of technologies, with particular expertise in high performance computing, spearheading Canada’s national advanced research computing organization, Compute Canada, in a complete refresh of its technology base and a full re-financing of its operations. Mark has advised e-Infrastructure organizations on four continents, as well as global vendors of advanced computing technology, on issues of strategic planning, service alignment, and operational impacts of technology trends.  Mark has a BEE from Vanderbilt University in Mathematics, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Andrea Manzi works as Data Solutions Manager at the EGI Foundation assisting user communities in the integration of scientific applications and platforms with the EGI services and pilots and validating solutions against user requirements. Andrea worked 11 years at CERN and, as part of the storage team, he developed storage  and data transfer solutions, leading the FTS (File Transfer Service) project, and participated in different EU projects (D4Science I and II, iMarine, XDC). Andrea has been previously employed at ISTI-CNR in Italy as software developer. He holds a Master degree in Computer Science from the University of Pisa (Italy).

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