FAIR EVA (Evaluator, Validator & Advisor)


Target audience

  • Data producers

  • Data Managers

  • Repository Managers

  • Data portals

Description about the presentation

FAIR EVA (Evaluator, Validator and Advisor)  has been developed to check the FAIRness level of digital objects from different repositories or data portals. It requires the object identifier and the repository to check and it can be adapted to different contexts and environments. Developed within the EOSC-Synergy project it aims at helping data producers and data managers to evaluate the adoption of the FAIR principles based on the RDA indicators. This webinar will present the tool as well as show how it can be deployed, how the different tests works and how it can be adapted to different data systems.


Dr Fernando Aguilar Gómez

Informatics Engineer at IFCA – CSIC

Dr Fernando Aguilar is an Informatics Engineer, since 2011 participating in different national and international projects related to computing and data management.  As a developer, he has implemented diverse visualization and data analysis and management tools within the context of water quality research in different water reservoirs in Spain. Furthermore, he has deployed different programs to warrant data quality. He has also participated in TRUFA (trufa.ifca.es) development, workflow of RNA analysis.  As Database administrator, he has managed different researching databases integrated with instrumentation, including them in the data life cycle: gathering, curation, sharing, preservation, etc.  He has been also involved in system administration tasks including the deployment and management of internal services or grid middleware. Within Cloud Computing context, he has participated in projects of implementing and deploying virtual machines and user oriented services, specially in many use cases in the Lifewatch Research Infrastructure, where he played different roles and performed actions including requirement gathering, final user and infrastructure linking, deployment of infrastructure and services supervising, etc.  He has also participated in Research Infrastructures integration projects, like COOPEUS (in collaboration with American institutions), where he has worked in data integration and sharing using Semantic Web, metadata management and persistent identifiers (PIDs).  In collaboration with Ecohydros S.L (SME), within ROEM+ (Life+) project, he has coordinated the deployment and computing of hydrodynamic and water quality models and he has managed and configured the data feeding the models.  In 2017, Fernando completed his PhD thesis in Data Life cycle management in a Cloud Computing framework and he is involved in different Interest and Working Groups in the Research Data Alliance in that topic, including metadata use and management.

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Dr Yin Chen