19-23 September 2022
Prague, Czech Republic
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

An Open Ecosystem for European Computing Continuum

20 Sep 2022, 19:00
1st floor (Vienna Andel Prague)

1st floor

Vienna Andel Prague

Poster A Federated Compute Continuum Posters (presenters at poster)


Giovanni Rimassa (Martel Innovate)


To regain European competitiveness in Internet infrastructures, Europe cannot simply try to catch up with current Cloud hyperscalers: a bolder, forward-looking approach is needed.
Both Cloud technologies and IoT technologies have steadily moved towards a technical and business convergence often labelled as Cloud-Edge-IoT continuum, with Edge Computing becoming both the target and the battleground of this convergence process. Under the name of computing continuum, an even broader scope including HPC, hardware devices, and 5G/6G networks, is understood.
The Digital Compass emphasises clear and measurable targets for 2030 that are however systemic and challenging (e.g., 75% of European enterprises have taken up cloud computing services, or 10,000 climate neutral, highly secure edge nodes have been deployed in the EU).
There is a need to guide computing continuum stakeholders towards defining and addressing the conceptual, technical, and community challenges raised by such targets (e.g., how will the thousands of edge nodes interoperate? How will their climate neutrality goal affect the energy industry?).

In this poster, we present OpenContinuum, Open Ecosystem for European strategic autonomy and interoperability across the computing continuum industry.
OpenContinuum will:
- Promote the establishment of a European industrial Open Ecosystem based on Open Source and Open Standards
- Map and analyse the supply-side landscape of the European emerging Computing Continuum
- Engage the EU industrial and research actors to create a supply-side community that spans the whole Computing Continuum
- Coordinate the relevant EU project portfolio towards an open European ecosystem for the cloud-edge-IoT continuum

Topic A Federated Compute Continuum

Primary authors

Giovanni Rimassa (Martel Innovate) Amrita Prasad (Martel Innovate)

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