19-23 September 2022
Prague, Czech Republic
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Access EGI resources through the ESCAPE developed ESFRI Science Analysis Platform

20 Sep 2022, 19:00
1st floor (Vienna Andel Prague)

1st floor

Vienna Andel Prague

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sara bertocco (INAF)


The EU ESCAPE project is developing ESAP, ESFRI’s scientific analysis platform, as an API gateway that enables the seamless integration of independent services accessing distributed data and computing resources. At ESCAPE we are exploring the possibility of exploiting OpenStack EGI's cloud computing services through ESAP. As a use case, we are considering one of the studies known as Data Challenges used to prepare the community to work with the data to be generated by the Square Kilometer Array (SKA).

In our contribution, we describe the technical steps performed: we registered to the Virtual Organisation vo.access.egi.eu to count on the necessary development and test resources and we automated the creation of a Virtual Machine through the EGI fedcloud client. We automated the installation on a cloud virtual machine instance of the suitable analysis software through a software framework developed at IRA-INAF, called ira-init. We plan to provide ESAP’s users with resources access writing an ESAP connector.

In this first prototype data access is simplified through NFS mounted storage or a cloud data volume. Data transfer tests are being conducted using storm-webdav to provide users with the ability to analyze the data both locally and remotely.

Topic A Federated Compute Continuum

Primary authors

sara bertocco (INAF) Susana Sanchez (CSIC) Parra Manuel (CSIC) Dave Morris (Edinburgh University) Franco Tinarelli (INAF) Francesco Bedosti (INAF) Matteo Stagni (INAF) Vincenzo Galluzzi (INAF)

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