EGI Conference 2022

from Monday, 19 September 2022 (11:00) to Friday, 23 September 2022 (16:30)
Prague, Czech Republic

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19 Sep 2022
20 Sep 2022
21 Sep 2022
22 Sep 2022
23 Sep 2022
InterTwin Project Kick Off meeting (invitation only) - Malgorzata Krakowian ( Gwen Franck Andrea Manzi ( (until 17:00) (RUBY I & II)
Training: FitSM Foundation - a pragmatic standard for IT Service Management - Sy Holsinger (OPERAS Aisbl) (until 18:00) (Ruby III)
11:00 Intro to ITSM and FitSM Standard incl. General Aspects and Requirements   (Ruby III)
12:20 --- Brief Break ---
12:30 Service Management Processes: Service Portfolio Management (SPM), Service Level Management (SLM)   (Ruby III)
13:00 --- Lunch ---
14:00 Service Management Processes: Service Reporting (SRM), Service Availability and Continuity (SACM), Capacity (CAPM), Information Security (ISM), Customer (CRM) and Supplier Relationship Management (SUPPM)   (Ruby III)
15:20 --- Coffee Break ---
15:40 Service management Processes: Incident and Service Request (ISRM), Problem (PM), Configuration (CONFM), Change (CHM), Release and Deployment Management (RDM)   (Ruby III)
17:00 --- Coffee Break ---
17:20 Continual Service Improvement (CSI), Benefits/Risks/Challenges of implementing ITSM, and Related standards/frameworks   (Ruby III)
08:25 --- Registration ---
InterTwin Project Kick Off meeting (invitation only) - Andrea Manzi ( Malgorzata Krakowian ( Gwen Franck (until 11:00) (RUBY I & II)
Platform for distributed, big computing - DIRAC User Group meeting - Yin Chen ( Andrei Tsaregorodtsev (CNRS) (until 11:00) (Topaz )
09:00 DIRAC: Introduction and ongoing developments - Dr Federico Stagni (CERN)   (Topaz )
09:30 DIRAC for Space Science - Ingemar Haggstrom (EISCAT)   (Topaz )
09:50 Using DIRAC for CTAO large-scale data processing - Ms Alice Faure (LUPM, CNRS)   (Topaz )
10:20 EGI Workload Manager service - Andrei Tsaregorodtsev (CNRS)   (Topaz )
Training: FitSM Foundation - a pragmatic standard for IT Service Management - Sy Holsinger (OPERAS Aisbl) (until 11:00) (Ruby III)
09:00 Exam Prep / Training Wrap-up / Discussion   (Ruby III)
09:50 --- Brief Break ---
10:00 Exam setup / log-in   (Ruby III)
10:15 Exam   (Ruby III)
Training: Infrastructure as Code to deploy scientific applications in EOSC - Amanda Calatrava (UPVLC) Miguel Caballer (UPVLC) (until 11:00) (Opal)
Training - Sorina POP (CNRS) (until 11:00) (Quartz)
09:00 The Virtual Imaging Platform: tutorial on the use and delivery of scientific applications as a service - Sorina POP (CNRS)   (Quartz)
EGI101 - EGI Introduction to newbies - Gergely Sipos ( (until 11:00) (Crystal Room)
11:00 --- Coffee Break and Registration ---
Plenary: Setting the future of digital infrastructures for data-intensive computing - Gergely Sipos ( (until 10:30) (Plenary 1st floor)
09:00 EGI Service Strategy 2022-2024 - Sergio Andreozzi (   (Plenary 1st floor)
09:30 EIRENE RI – European Research Infrastructure for Human Exposome Research - Prof. Jana Klanova (Masaryk University)   (Plenary 1st floor)
10:00 EC commitment to Open Science - Christian Cuciniello (European Commission)   (Plenary 1st floor)
Compute continuum for Open Science - Achievements of the EGI-ACE project - Giuseppe La Rocca ( Gergely Sipos ( (until 11:00) (Plenary 1st floor)
Demonstrations (until 11:00) (Ruby, Crystal)
10:35 FAIR EVA: Evaluator, Validator & Advisor - Fernando Aguilar (CSIC)   (Ruby III)
10:35 openEO Platform: Large-scale Earth Observation Analysis on a federated compute infrastructure - Benjamin Schumacher (EODC)   (Crystal Room)
10:35 Using your MATLAB license on EGI services - Dr Michaël Barbier (Simply Complex Lab, Bilkent University) Ingemar Haggstrom (EISCAT) Dr Ghaith Makey (Simply Complex Lab, Bilkent University) Dr Shubo Chakrabarti (MathWorks)   (Ruby I, II)
11:00 --- Coffee Break ---
Demonstrations (until 13:10) (Ruby III, Sapphire)
11:30 motley-cue: SSH access with OIDC tokens - Marcus Hardt (KIT-G) Gabriel Zachmann (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) Diana Gudu (KIT)   (Ruby III)
11:45 Automatic storing, sharing and archiving datasets with Onedata - Tomáš Svoboda (Masaryk University)   (Sapphire)
12:00 What's New with Globus - Vas Vasiliadis (University of Chicago)   (Ruby III)
12:15 FAIR and reproducible data management and analysis with openBIS - Dr Henry Lütcke (Scientific IT Services, ETH Zurich) Dr Caterina Barillari (Scientific IT Services, ETH Zürich)   (Sapphire)
12:30 Serverless workflows along the computing continuum with OSCAR/SCAR: Use cases from AI/ML inference - Sebastián Risco (UPVLC)   (Ruby III)
12:45 How to access and use the PaaS Orchestrator Service in the EOSC Marketplace - Marica Antonacci (INFN)   (Sapphire)
Supporting innovation in Europe for the benefits of SMEs: the EUHubs4data experience - Andrea Manzi ( Ilaria Fava (until 13:00) (Ruby I&II)
EGI-ACE Lightning Talks: Compute continuum use cases - Gianni Dalla Torre ( (until 13:15) (Quartz)
11:55 Towards an european e-infrastructure for plant phenotyping - Vincent Negre (INRAE)   (Quartz)
12:05 MATRYCS: A Big Data Platform for Advanced Services in the Building domain - Dario Pellegrino (Engineering)   (Quartz)
12:15 Using European Open Science Cloud infrastructure for rapid simulations of large-scale global reservoirs - Bjorn Backeberg (DELTARES)   (Quartz)
12:25 Bridging Cloud and HPC towards High Performance Data Analytics for climate science - Prof. Giovanni Aloisio (Advanced Scientific Computing Division, Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici) Alessandro D'Anca (CMCC Foundation) Cosimo Palazzo (CMCC Foundation) Donatello Elia (CMCC Foundation) Enol Fernandez ( Fabrizio Antonio (CMCC Foundation) Sandro Fiore (University of Trento, Trento, Italy)   (Quartz)
12:35 The PHIRI project: advances towards an infrastructure for population health research - Dr Juan Gonzalez-Garcia (Instituto Aragonés de Ciencias de la Salud)   (Quartz)
12:45 A drug discovery pipeline integrating the processing and analysis of NMR spectra and the identification of lead compounds. - Dr Andrea Giachetti (CIRMMP)   (Quartz)
12:53 Big data in livestock genomics can feed new concepts in One Health - Dr Samuele Bovo (Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences, Division of Animal Sciences, University of Bologna)   (Quartz)
Support for Ukraine - Magdalena Brus (EGI Foundation) Tiziana Ferrari ( (until 12:30) (Topaz)
GREAT KOM (invitation only) (until 13:00) (Ruby I,II)
Plenary: International collaboration for excellence in science: opportunities and challenges - Ilaria Fava (until 10:30) (Plenary 1st floor)
09:00 Plenary: International collaboration for excellence in science: opportunities and challenges - Ilaria Fava   (Plenary 1st floor)
10:30 --- Coffee Break ---
Global Open Science Cloud Workshop - International Infrastructure, Data and Cloud integration efforts - Yin Chen ( (until 13:00) (Crystal Room)
11:00 Overview of CODATA Global Open Science activities and the WorldFAIR project - Dr Simon Hodson (CODATA executive director)   (Crystal Room)
11:30 What users’ need? – GOSC Radar Case Study Working Group - Ingemar Haggstrom (EISCAT)   (Crystal Room)
11:45 What users’ need? – GOSC SDG-13 Case Study Working Group - Dr Lili Zhang (Research Scientist, CNIC, China)   (Crystal Room)
12:00 What can GOSC help? – GOSC Technical Infrastructure Framework - Prof. Jianhui Li (Director, CNIC/CAS, China)   (Crystal Room)
12:20 How to implement? – EOSC AAI experiences for GOSC AAI - Nicolas Liampotis (GRNET)   (Crystal Room)
12:35 How to implement? – International Cloud Federation - Enol Fernandez (   (Crystal Room)
12:50 How to implement? –GOSC Data Interoperability Working Group - Dr Milan Ojsteršek   (Crystal Room)
Lightning talks: Data Spaces & Data Lakes - Marco Rorro ( (until 11:45) ()
11:00 Data spaces for climate data analysis - Dr Antonio S. Cofiño (Instituto de Física de Cantabria (IFCA, CSIC-UC, Spain)) Mr Ezequiel Cimadevilla (Instituto de Física de Cantabria (IFCA, CSIC-UC, Spain))   ()
11:15 Developing a distributed and fault tolerant Dataverse architecture. - Zacarias Benta   ()
11:30 Blue-Cloud Data Federation - Dick Schaap (Mariene Informatie Service MARIS BV)   ()
Services, Processes, Policies for federated delivery of Open Science Resources - EGI contributions to the EOSC-Core - Diego Scardaci ( Matthew Viljoen ( (until 13:00) (Opal, Topaz)
Demonstrations (until 13:00) (Sapphire)
11:45 EOSC-Performance: compare EOSC sites for your needs - Dr Valentin Kozlov (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)   (Sapphire)
12:10 User-Driven Consent Management for Identity Provisioning - Peter Balcirak (CESNET)   (Sapphire)
12:35 Unified access to multiple clouds and HPC clusters - Andrew Lahiff (CCFE / UK Atomic Energy Authority)   (Sapphire)
Lightning Talks: EOSC Compute Platform 2 - Marco Rorro ( (until 13:00) (Quartz)
11:45 Towards an Interdisciplinary Citizen Science Interoperable Service in EOSC - Dr Andreas Matheus (Secure Dimensions)   (Quartz)
12:00 Photon and Neutron (PaN) Community: Beyond ExPaNDS and PaNOSC - Teodor Ivanoaica (IFIN-HH/ELI-NP)   (Quartz)
12:15 EOSC-FUTURE – ENVRI-FAIR SP Environmental Indicators – Ocean - Dick Schaap (Mariene Informatie Service MARIS BV)   (Quartz)
12:30 At the heart of future computing centers: research on algorithms - Michael Kramer (Max-Planck-Institut fuer Radioastronomie) Hermann Heßling (University of Applied Sciences (HTW) Berlin)   ()
12:45 WeNMR under the hood: How to operate a complex collection of scientific web services. - Rodrigo Vargas Honorato (Utrecht University)   (Quartz)
GREAT KOM (invitation only) (until 15:00) (Ruby III)
iMagine project Kick-Off Meeting (Invitation only) - Gergely Sipos ( Mandy Yuju Lin ( Ilaria Fava (until 15:00) (Ruby I, II, III)
09:00 --- Lunch ---
Training: Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure - Slavek Licehammer (CESNET) Nicolas Liampotis (GRNET) Valeria Ardizzone ( (until 11:00) (Quartz)
09:30 Introduction to EGI Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) - Valeria Ardizzone (   (Quartz)
Training - Rose Cooper Andrea Manzi ( Tim Noble (STFC) (until 11:00) (Sapphire)
Training: How to deploy ready-to-use BigData Platform on top of the EOSC Compute Platform - the DODAS solution - Daniele Spiga (INFN) Diego Ciangottini (INFN) (until 11:00) (Topaz)
Workshop - Sven Gabriel (NIKHEF) (until 13:00) (Crystal Room)
09:30 Introduction to Operational IT Security - Sven Gabriel (NIKHEF)   (Crystal Room)
10:30 --- coffee break ---
11:00 Security Architecture - Daniel Kouril (CESNET)   (Crystal Room)
12:00 SOC - David Crooks (STFC)   (Crystal Room)
11:00 --- Coffee ---
Training: Enabling international federated access in your service with Check-in - Valeria Ardizzone ( Nicolas Liampotis (GRNET) (until 13:00) (Quartz)
Training: Federating and serving distributed data for computational users with EGI DataHub - Lukasz Dutka (CYFRONET) Andrea Manzi ( (until 13:00) (Sapphire)
Training: Reproducible Open Science With Big Data - The EGI Notebooks and Binder services - Enol Fernandez ( (until 13:00) (Topaz)
13:00 --- Lunch ---
18:00 --- InterTwin Welcome Reception (invitation only) ---
Opening Plenary - Arjen van Rijn (NIKHEF) Ludek Matyska (CESNET) Tiziana Ferrari ( (until 13:00) (Plenary Rooms 1st floor)
12:00 Welcome by Arjen van Rijn EGI Council Chair (15') - Arjen van Rijn (NIKHEF)   (Plenary Rooms 1st floor)
12:15 Welcome by Mr. Lukáš Levák - Director of Department for Research and Development. Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.   (Plenary Rooms 1st floor)
12:20 e-Infra CZ: national plans for EGI and EOSC - Ludek Matyska (CESNET)   (Plenary Rooms 1st floor)
12:40 The EGI Federation and its support to open science - Tiziana Ferrari (   (Plenary Rooms 1st floor)
13:00 --- Lunch ---
Plenary: Welcome to EGI new members ACOnet (Austria) and University of Vilnius (Lithuania) - Tiziana Ferrari ( (until 15:00) ()
14:00 Welcome address - Tiziana Ferrari (   ()
14:10 ACOnet contribution to scientific computing - Matthias Schramm (TU Wien)   ()
14:35 Vilnius University contributions to scientific computing - Mindaugas Mačernis (University of Vilnius)   ()
15:00 --- Break - coffee and changing of rooms ---
Authentication and Authorisation in federated environments - Valeria Ardizzone ( (until 17:15) (Opal)
15:45 Introduction to EGI Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) - Valeria Ardizzone (   (Opal)
16:00 The EGI Identity and Access Management service: Check-in status and roadmap - Nicolas Liampotis (GRNET) Valeria Ardizzone (   (Opal)
16:25 The EGI Attributes Management service: PERUN and its combining features in LS AAI service - Slavek Licehammer (CESNET) Valeria Ardizzone (   (Opal)
16:50 Community success stories on adopting EGI AAI services - Ignacio Lamata Martinez Valeria Ardizzone (   (Opal)
17:10 Conclusion - Valeria Ardizzone (   (Opal)
Disruptive technologies accelerating data-driven policymaking in the public sector- jointly organised by PolicyCloud, DECIDO, AI4PublicPolicy, IntelComp, DUET - Ilaria Fava ( (until 18:45) (Ruby I, II, III )
15:45 Session: Disruptive technologies accelerating data-driven policymaking in the public sector   (Ruby I, II, III )
Integration of health initiatives with tools and services under the European Open Science Cloud (LETHE, FEMaLe and HealthyCloud) - Ville Tenhunen (until 18:15) (Quartz)
Launching the EGI Digital Innovation Hub - Elisa Cauhe ( (until 17:00) (Topaz)
15:45 --- Coffee Break ---
Lightning Talks: Security, Trust & Identity - Matthew Viljoen ( (until 19:00) (Opal)
17:30 Secret management service for EGI Infrastructure - Viet Tran (IISAS)   (Topaz)
17:40 Exploring trust for Communities - Building trust for research and collaboration - David Kelsey (STFC)   (Topaz)
17:50 OIDC support for Windows using PuTTY - Jonas Schmitt (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) Diana Gudu (KIT) Marcus Hardt (KIT-G) Gabriel Zachmann (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)   (Topaz)
18:00 Collaborative Operational Security - David Crooks (STFC)   (Topaz)
18:10 Cybersecurity in state of emergency: technical and legal issues - Nadina Foggetti   (Topaz)
18:20 A Brief Overview of Token Based AAI Development at STFC - Thomas Dack (STFC)   (Topaz)
18:30 The EGI Software Vulnerability Group - evolving - David Crooks (STFC)   (Topaz)
19:00 --- Opening Reception ---
Posters (presenters at poster) (until 20:00) (1st floor)
19:00 Access EGI resources through the ESCAPE developed ESFRI Science Analysis Platform - sara bertocco (INAF)   (1st floor)
19:00 An Open Ecosystem for European Computing Continuum - Giovanni Rimassa (Martel Innovate)   (1st floor)
19:00 Analysis of Pierre Auger Observatory open data using EGI Jupyter notebooks - Mr Filip Neubauer (Akademické gymnázium) Jiri Chudoba (CESNET) Václav Zajac (SPŠST Panská) Mrs Jana Maršálková (Gymnázium Jana Nerudy)   (1st floor)
19:00 Augmenting the EGI Monitoring based on the ARGO Monitoring framework with functionalities such as Service Trends and Status pages. - Konstantinos Kagkelidis (GRNET) Emir Imamagic (SRCE) Themis Zamani (GRNET)   (1st floor)
19:00 Blue-Cloud: Your Open Science platform for collaborative marine research - Dick Schaap (Mariene Informatie Service MARIS BV)   (1st floor)
19:00 Cloud development at INCDTIM - Dr Farcas Felix   (1st floor)
19:00 DBRepo: A Database Repository to Support Research Activities - Martin Weise (TU Wien)   (1st floor)
19:00 Deploying container-based applications on EGI with VIP - Sandesh PATIL (INRIA, CNRS)   (1st floor)
19:00 EGI-ACE webODV - Online extraction, analysis and visualization of SeaDataNet and Argo data - Sebastian Mieruch-Schnuelle (Alfred-Wegener-Institut)   (1st floor)
19:00 European computing infrastructures for digital twins: the EGI project ‘interTwin’ - Gwen Franck   (1st floor)
19:00 Exploring reference data through existing computing services for the bioinformatics community : an EOSC-Pillar use-case - Gilles Mathieu (INSERM)   (1st floor)
19:00 iMagine: Imaging data and services for aquatic science - Gergely Sipos (   (1st floor)
19:00 jUMP-Modeling-Portal: a new service for simulating sound propagation in the ocean - Dr Anabela Oliveira (LNEC)   (1st floor)
19:00 Managed Kubernetes — Next Gen Academic Infrastructure? - Mrs Viktória Spišaková (Masaryk University) Mr Adrian Rosinec (CESNET)   (1st floor)
19:00 Metrics Framework: Measuring the Success of a Recommendation System - Themis Zamani (GRNET)   (1st floor)
19:00 Network technologies in the I.Bi.S.Co. Napoli HPC hybrid cluster - Silvio Pardi (INFN)   (1st floor)
19:00 Perun Comprehensive AAI solution - Dominik Frantisek Bucik (Masaryk University) Slavek Licehammer (CESNET)   (1st floor)
19:00 Poster: The Training Portal for Photon and Neutron Data Services - Marta Gutierrez David ( Oliver Knodel (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf)   (1st floor)
19:00 Processing large datasets using EGI-ACE EOSC resources for the climate community - Christian Page (CECI, Université de Toulouse, CNRS, Cerfacs, Toulouse, France)   (1st floor)
19:00 ReproVIP: Enhancing Reproducibility of Scientific Results in Medical Imaging - Gael VILA (CNRS - CREATIS)   (1st floor)
19:00 The AI4PublicPolicy Virtualized Policy Management Environment (VPME) with fully-fledged policy development/management functionalities based on AI technologies - Alessandro Amicone (GFT Italy)   (1st floor)
19:00 The Jonas VRE: a science gateway for noise map visualization and data processing in the North-East Atlantic region - José Antonio Díaz (PLOCAN)   (1st floor)
13:00 --- Lunch ---
EGI-ACE Lightning Talks: Technologies for a Compute Continuum - Levente Farkas (until 15:00) (Quartz)
14:00 An Efficient Distributed Storage Solution for Edge Computing Environments - Dr Antonios Makris (Harokopio University of Athens)   (Quartz)
14:10 Computing at INCDTIM and beyond - Dr Felix Farcas (INCDTIM)   (Quartz)
14:20 FedCloud client: the powerful client for EGI Federated Cloud - Viet Tran (IISAS)   (Quartz)
14:30 DPM to dCache migration - Petr Vokac (Czech Technical University in Prague (CZ))   (Quartz)
14:40 Service migration and high availability via Dynamic DNS service - Viet Tran (IISAS)   (Quartz)
Integrated High Performance Compute services for national and international customers - Enol Fernandez ( (until 15:00) (Opal)
14:00 HPC in EGI-ACE - Enol Fernandez (   (Opal)
14:17 Bridging Fenix and EOSC from Data Transfer Interoperability - Mrs Shiting Long (FZJ)   (Opal)
14:34 C-SCALE HPC - Raymond Oonk (SURFsara BV)   (Opal)
14:46 Collaborative experiments with HPC Tier-2 sites in Netherlands - Mr Peter Hinirch (SURF) Sagar - Mr Valeriu Codreanu (SURF)   (Opal)
Operational tools and processes - NGIs reports and discussion - Alessandro Paolini ( Matthew Viljoen ( (until 15:00) (Ruby I,II)
14:00 EGI Infrastructure status and internal services - Alessandro Paolini (   (Ruby I,II)
14:10 NGI Liaison meetings summary - Matthew Viljoen (   (Ruby I,II)
14:20 NGI_IT status - Doina Cristina Duma (INFN) Diego Michelotto (INFN)   (Ruby I,II)
14:35 NGI_TR status - Hakan Bayindir (TUBITAK)   (Ruby I,II)
14:50 Discussion   (Ruby I,II)
15:00 --- Coffee Break ---
Combining Copernicus data and EGI services for Earth Observation at scale - Enol Fernandez ( (until 17:00) (Quartz)
15:30 C-SCALE project introduction - Charis Chatzikyriakou (EODC Earth Observation Data Center for Water Resources Monitoring GmbH)   (Quartz)
15:40 Earth System Simulation and Data Processing Platform - Enol Fernandez ( Raymond Oonk (SURFsara BV)   (Quartz)
16:10 Metadata Query Sevice - Zdenek Sustr (CESNET)   (Quartz)
16:35 Demonstration of a C-SCALE workflow solution - Dr Bjorn Backeberg (Deltares)   (Quartz)
Data and compute services for the food sector - Ana Povh Sian Astley Gergely Sipos ( (until 17:00) (Quartz)
Extending EOSC coordination at the National level - Achievements and lessons learnt in the EOSC Synergy project - Elisa Cauhe ( Gwen Franck Valentino Cavalli ( (until 17:00) (Opal)
Green Computing - Catalin Condurache ( (until 17:00) (Ruby I, II)
15:30 Introduction - Catalin Condurache (   (Ruby I, II)
15:40 Identifying the impact of policy decisions on energy consumption in the Energy Data Centre - Catherine Jones (UKRI-STFC)   (Ruby I, II)
16:00 Jisc Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) & Building Management Services (BMS) PoC with Honeywell Forge - Paul Stokes (Jisc)   (Ruby I, II)
16:15 Moving to a more eco-friendly data center in France: possibilities and constraints - Jerome Pansanel (CNRS)   (Ruby I, II)
16:30 Q&A session   (Ruby I, II)
Community Managers networking meeting - Ilaria Fava ( (until 18:00) (Crystal)
Demonstrations (until 18:00) (Ruby)
17:00 EOSC DIH Demo's: OiPub and 4Science - Elisa Cauhe (   (Ruby I&II)
17:00 Onedata and OpenFaaS Lambdas for data processing - Lukasz Dutka (CYFRONET)   (Ruby III)
17:00 OPENCoastS+: on-demand forecast of circulation and water quality in coastal regions - Marta Rodrigues (LNEC - Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil)   (Sapphire)
17:30 ENES Data Space: an EOSC-enabled Data Space Environment for Climate Science - Mr Fabrizio Antonio (Advanced Scientific Computing Division, Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici)   (Sapphire)
17:30 Towards Reference Architectures: A Cloud-agnostic Data Analytics Platform Empowering Autonomous Systems - Dr Attila Csaba Marosi (SZTAKI)   (Ruby III)
Lightning Talks: EOSC Compute Platform 1 - Andrea Cristofori (INFN) (until 18:00) (Quartz)
17:00 Enabling quantum computation for EOSC users - Zoltan Farkas (SZTAKI)   (Quartz)
17:10 E-Science Centre with EGI resources for the Plasmasphere, Ionosphere and Thermosphere research community - Tamas Kiss (University of Westminster, London, UK)   (Quartz)
17:25 Quantum-notebook: a Docker stack for quantum computing - Silvio Pardi (INFN)   (Quartz)
17:35 Expanding the capacity and capabilities of an Earth Observation application by means of the European Open Science Cloud - Dr Amanda Calatrava (UPVLC)   (Quartz)
17:45 Low Barrier Sciencemesh User Access to EGI Services - Milan Danecek   (Quartz)
18:30 --- Conference Dinner ---
13:00 --- Lunch ---
13:00 --- Lunch ---
13:00 --- Lunch ---
Closing plenary: Pathways for improved coordination and cooperation among e-infrastructures - Arjen van Rijn (NIKHEF) (until 15:45) (Plenary)
GREAT KOM (invitation only) (until 18:00) (Ruby I,II)
Global Open Science Cloud Workshop - International Cloud Integration - Enol Fernandez ( (until 18:00) (Crystal Room)
15:45 ELKH Cloud: milestones towards EOSC and ESFRI - Dr Robert Lovas (SZTAKI)   (Crystal Room)
15:45 --- break ---
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - jointly organised by EGI-ACE, AI4PublicPolicy, StairwAI, LETHE, iMagine - Marco Rorro ( Ville Tenhunen (until 18:25) (Opal, Topaz)
16:25 Introduction - Marco Rorro (   (Opal, Topaz)
16:35 Next generation of the EOSC Portal - ML/AI enhanced user interface - Krzysztof Martyn   (Opal, Topaz)
16:55 Distributed Deep Learning by Horovod - a new EOSC service - Dr Jozsef Kovacs (SZTAKI)   (Opal, Topaz)
17:15 AI4EOSC - Alvaro Lopez Garcia (CSIC)   (Opal, Topaz)
17:35 iMagine - Imaging data and services for aquatic science - Alvaro Lopez Garcia (CSIC) Dick Schaap (Mariene Informatie Service MARIS BV)   (Opal, Topaz)
17:55 StAIrwAI, LETHE and AI4PublicPolicy - Andrea Cristofori Ville Tenhunen Marco Rorro (   (Opal, Topaz)
18:15 Closing discussion about future challenges   (Opal, Topaz)
Combining Copernicus data and EGI services for Earth Observation at scale - Diego Scardaci ( Enol Fernandez ( (until 18:10) (Quartz)
19:00 --- Social activities ---
19:55 --- iMagine project welcome dinner (invitation only) ---
13:00 --- lunch ---