EGI Community Managers meeting

Gergely Sipos ( , Giuseppe La Rocca (

This is a teleconference for the Community Managers Group (CMG) of EGI.

Community Managers are delegates of the EGI members (NGIs, EIROs, RIs and institutes) to represent and execute user engagement, training, technical support and partner liaison activities in the EGI context. Members of the Community Manager Group have regular meetings and an email list to share information about their activities, and to exchange success stories and best practices between the European and national/community/institutional landscapes.

How to connect

Teleconference room:

Passcode: 510679

Meeting ID: 849 4670 6881

Agenda topics:

  • EGI2022 conference and F2F Community Managers meeting
    • Discussion of content and presence
  • Massive Open Online Course for EGI/NGI topics (proposal link)
    • Discussion of topics, collection of interest in MOOC development and delivery
  • Introduction of the new EGI website
    • How to publish and reuse content between Local and EGI websites
  • Introducing 'HPC colocated with Cloud' service in EGI - Impact on the NGIs
    • Discussion of user and provider engagement approaches
  • Upcoming National and Topical events 
  • Updates from the NGI Community Managers
  • AoB
    • Next meeting in July is cancelled
The agenda of this meeting is empty