EOSC Future T8.2 Bi-weekly Call

Zoom (Passcode: 793267)


Passcode: 793267


This is the regular bi-weekly meeting of EOSC DIH activities under T8.2 of the EOSC Future project. Target participation is to have at least one representative from each partner that is contributing to the task: EGI Foundation, PSNC, EUDAT (CSC, CINECA), TGB, JNP, JISC and OpenAIRE.

General Updates

  • Elisa has to ask about in how we can spend the money
  • People to confirm participation in F2F
  • Extension confirmed under wp10 and 4.5 PM for EGI, PSNC, TGB, JNP and OpenAire

Operational Activities

  • Business Pilots
    • Pundit to check about the status and success stories
    • Energydeel to do the satisfaction review bc it was cancelled
    • Intellig- not success story 
    • Agrifootprint extended
    • Elisa to ask HPC
  • Purchasing Services
    • In progress to be delivered early September, presented in the Demo day and paid at the end september
  • Collaborations
    • Feedback from Companies in Poznan to be presented (highlights) in Madrid (EF meeting)
  • Events
    • F2F meeting in Madrid
    • AI and Data expo, Amsterdam , 26-27 Sept,
    • Smart City Expo 19th, October, Poland
    • BDVF Valencia
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Interviews done & Date the interview
BigColdTruck 11/05/2022
DigiFarm 28/04/2022
Trango 01/02/2022
CITE 20/02/2023
Intellig 19/04/2023
Iraz 08/05/2023
Pundit 25/07/2023
Oipub 24/07/2023
Sofia 26/07/2023
Energy Deel 26/07/2023


TGB and JNP to complete the interview and impact assessment. 

  • Training 
    • Building teams training  (14th Sept). 
    • Training needs interviews to be completed by the partners
  • Dissemination and Material
    • Complete website with new pilots
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    • 11:00 AM 11:30 AM
      General Updates 30m
      • Amendment and Project extension
      • F2F meeting in EOSC Symposium. Agenda
      • Procurement status
      • Deliverable status
      • JOA
    • 11:30 AM 12:15 PM
      Operational Activities 45m
      • Business Pilots
        --- 2nd PC
        --- 3rd PC
        --- 4th PC
        --- New Pilots from Subcontractors
      • Monitoring and Evaluation
        --- Interviews with Pilots
        --- KPIs/Metrics
        --- Next training activities and survey
        -Collaborations with other WP and projects
      • Website and materials
      • Events
        --- EOSC Symposium, September, Madrid + F2F
        --- AI &Big Data Expo, Amsterdam, 25,26 sept
        --- Smart City Expo 19th, October, Poland
        --- BDVF 2023, October, Valencia
    • 12:15 PM 12:30 PM
      AOB + Next Meeting 15m
      • AOB
      • Next Meetings
        --- 29th September (Community meeting)
        --- 22nd September (During Sympo)