EGI consultation for the build-up phase of the EOSC Federation (Thematic Services)





Discuss an "EGI Node" response to the EOSC Questionnaire for the build-up phase of the EOSC Federation, and align the response with the interest of Thematic Service providers who rely on the EGI service ecosystem, and with the recently published "EGI Contribution to the EOSC Federation" position paper. The deadline of the EOSC Questionnaire is 18/Aug. 


The construction of the future EOSC has entered an important phase: The EOSC EU Node is to be presented at the EOSC Symposium in October 2024, meanwhile discussions are intensifying on individual EOSC Nodes that will complement the EOSC EU Node to form the EOSC Federation.

The Tripartite Governance of EOSC recently launched a questionnaire to gauge interest and readiness for the build-up phase of the EOSC Federation. Interested parties can reply to the questionnaire and, if selected, contribute to a testbed of potential EOSC Nodes representing the different stakeholders involved in the research communities of Europe. Based on the replies to the questionnaire, several organisations will be invited by the EOSC Tripartite Governance to contribute to the refinement of the EOSC Federation concept during the build-up phase. The build-up phase will help the Tripartite to gain experience from cooperation between the future EOSC EU Node and the individual future EOSC Nodes, and to test the different aspects of the EOSC Federation Handbook in practice. 

How to join:

    • 10:00 AM 10:15 AM
      Introduction to EOSC Questionnaire 15m
      Speaker: Dale Robertson
    • 10:15 AM 10:30 AM
      EGI Contribution to the EOSC Federation 15m
      Speaker: Gergely Sipos (
    • 10:30 AM 11:30 AM
      Discussion of an EGI Node response, analysis of gaps and opportunities 1h
      • Business model (question 1)
      • Integration model (question 2)
      • Scope of service portfolio for EOSC (question 4)
      • Contributing EGI participants with national capacities/services
      Speakers: Dale Robertson, Gergely Sipos (