17-21 September 2012
Clarion Conference Centre
Europe/Prague timezone
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Contribution Presentation

Clarion Conference Centre - Nadir
Resource Infrastructure services (Peter Solagna: track leader)

Messaging Service and Client Software

Printable Summary

Messaging is an appealing technology which simplifies the integration between applications at different levels. It is used in production within EGI and being evolved in the EMI project.

Messaging is not just an API, it is a service like databases or web servers and it requires to be deployed on dedicated servers. In order to get the best in terms of reliability and scalability the EMI Messaging Product Team recommends to use dedicated messaging services made of independent brokers.

It is not trivial to write robust applications which make usage of messaging. In order to prevent code duplication and extra maintenance the EMI Messaging Product Team is providing a set of tools and libraries which can be used to build easily flexible and robust applications.

The proposed architecture for a messaging service and the set of tools and libraries will be presented along with their benefits.

Description of the work

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Wider impact of this work

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