19-23 May 2014
Helsinki University, Main Building
Europe/Helsinki timezone
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Helsinki University, Main Building - Room 8
Integrated AAI services (Track Leaders: P. Solagna, A. Bonvin, J. Kewley)

Improved Resilience and Usability for Science Gateway Infrastructures via Integrated Virtual Organizations


  • Mr. Richard GRUNZKE

Primary authors



The workflow-enabled MoSGrid Science Gateway is especially tailored to perform advanced molecular simulations in a user-friendly way. It employs a distributed science gateway infrastructure applicable for science gateways in general. Key focus is the high usability by creating an intuitive virtual environment. Since the underlying distributed computing infrastructure (DCI) including job, workflow and data management is complex, it becomes a constant challenge to ensure high availability. The goal of our work is to improve the resilience and usability of the MoSGrid science gateway. This was achieved regarding the security by easing the registration of users and lowering the complexity of their authentication. Without the following solution, users had to apply for a membership in a Virtual Organization (VO) and the application was manually handled via a VO manager. In our solution, a user can register via an intuitive process and after his account is unlocked he automatically becomes a member of the MoSGrid VO. The distinguished names (DNs) of these are mapped to the respective cluster-specific accounts. To enable this a series of modules was created to allow the extraction of user information, make it available via secure download, and finally use it to configure the DCI user database. The efforts made it possible to depreciate a service, removing a potential source of error and simplifying the registration procedure.