19-23 May 2014
Helsinki University, Main Building
Europe/Helsinki timezone
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Contribution Hackathon

Helsinki University, Main Building - Room 4

Hands-on session with Scientific Workflows using the SHIWA Simulation Platform



Primary authors



Scientific workflows are an important part of e-science endeavors. Workflow management systems provide tools to coordinate execution and data flow in large computational experiments, and can be valuable allies for the adoption of e-infrastructures by new and well-established scientific communities. There are several workflow management systems, each with its strengths and weaknesses, and there are many e-infrastructures, each with its particularities. Interoperability has become a key concern. The SHIWA platform facilitates interoperability of workflows and infrastructures by providing tools to share, execute and combine workflows in a large variety of scenarios. The SHIWA platform is explored in the ER-flow project by partners from four major research communities - Astrophysics, Computational Chemistry, Heliophysics and Biomedicine. In this hands-on session, instructors from the ER-flow project will lead demonstrations and discussions with the participants for learning, designing, constructing and executing scientific workflows to address the participant's own research questions. SHIWA Portal Task 1 (Youtube): http://go.egi.eu/SHIWA_Portal_Task1 SHIWA Portal Task 2 (Youtube): http://go.egi.eu/SHIWA_Portal_Task2 SHIWA Portal Tasks (PDF): http://go.egi.eu/SHIWA_Portal_Tasks