Tutorial: Managing virtual servers (CF 2014)

chaired by Boris Parak (CESNET), Enol Fernandez (CSIC)
Thursday, 22 May 2014 from to (Europe/Helsinki)
at Helsinki University, Main Building ( Room 8 )

This tutorial is part of the EGI Community Forum 2014 (Helsinki, 19-23 May)


The aim of this training session is to provide a quick introduction into OCCI (Open Cloud Computing Interface), describe basic elements defined by the standard, and demonstrate its practical applications while focusing on virtual machine management in IaaS-based clouds as it pertains to the EGI Federated Cloud. It will also describe, explain, and demonstrate the concepts behind virtual machine contextualization and its applicability in various use cases. Attendees will get a chance to apply these concepts in a hands-on part of the session utilizing tools used within the EGI Federated Cloud environment, namely the rOCCI client and various server-side OCCI implementations.

- Who should attend?

Potential users of the EGI Federated Cloud, people interested in cloud interoperability and everyone who wants to launch some virtual servers in EGI's new cloud infrastructure.

- Prerequisites - what should I know beforehand?

Basic knowledge of linux-like shell environments is sufficient.

- What do I need to bring? (if anything)

A laptop with linux-like operating system installed and configured for everyday use (or Windows with VirtualBox and a linux-based appliance).

- Maximum number of attendees?

About 20.

More information: Indico page

Participants Alvaro Lopez Garcia
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