ELIXIR - CC Monthly Meeting

Agenda / Minutes

24.5. 2017 13:00 CET


Kimmo Mattila
Dario Vianello
Steven Newhouse
Enol Fernandez
Miroslv Ruda
Kostas Koumantaros



1. Minutes of the previous meeting

2. Use case status reports

3. ELIXIR-CC  Webinars
One way to document the results of ELIXIR CC Use cases would be to record a set of  webinars or recoded screen casts to demonstrate the usage of elixir cc results in practical level. The webinars or videos could include following 3 cases:

1. launching Insyght genome comparison platform in EGI Federated cloud.

  • Christophe Blanchet  had sent an email telling  that CNRS could produce a video recording about the Insygtht launching process by the end of July.

2. Launching META-Pipe server in EGI  federated cloud.

  • CSC will start preparations for creating a live or recorded demonstration about this. The meta pipe launch process may be too slow for a webinar so also in this case a video recording, where the "waiting periods" are removed, could be more reasonable.

3. Submitting a virtual appliance from EBI Cloud portal to EGI federated cloud

  • -In the EBI Cloud portal X509 certificates, that are needed for EGI federated cloud, are still causing problems. The way a proxy certificate is retrieved from EGI CILogon service to the cloud portal of EBI is not yet fully automatic.  A demonstration screen cast can however be done by the end of July.   If the automatization is not ready by  that, then the manual steps will be used in authentication process in the recording.
  • At the moment the EBI portal uses SAML2 for authentication. Enol has been working with OpenID connect based authentication in OpenStack. Adding OpenID connect authentication to the EBI cloud portal does not seem feasible at the moment however, but Dario will check of the latest updates in the EGI authentication tools provide something the could be used for this.

4. Othet issues

Anders Larson (Uppsala) had contacted Enol about connecting phenomenal tools to EGI federated cloud. He should be able to get ELIXIR account and ELIXIR VO membership using the standard procedures.