from 30 November 2017 to 1 December 2017
The Square Meeting Centre
Europe/Brussels timezone
Connecting the building blocks for Open Science
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Building ENVRI-as-a-Service to the EOSC


Location: The Square Meeting Centre
Address: Mont des Arts street, no. 1000 Brussel, Belgium
Date: 1 Dec 11:00 - 12:30


Scientific communities are important stakeholders for European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). However, there are many open questions from communities on the newly emerged concepts, e.g., what does EOSC means for communities, how communities can benefit from EOSC, and how to connect to EOSC. ENVRI is a community of the Environmental research infrastructures, projects and networks. Through 2 EU-funded projects, ENVRI has been endeavouring on building service solutions to a set of common challenges from environmental Research Infrastructures (RI), with accumulation of experiences of using pan European e-Infrastructure resources services such as EGI and EUDAT. Those solutions promote a more coherent, interdisciplinary and interoperable cluster infrastructure across Europe. This session brings ENVRI community to DI4R conference, and from community point of view analysis opportunities and benefits from EOSC. We will start by listening to success stories of using service solutions provided by ENVRI, leading to an open discussion between a mini panel and audience. The objective is to develop an understanding of EOSC for ENVRI, identify gaps and challenging issues, and define a roadmap to connect ENVRI to EOSC. EXPECTED IMPACT - The establishment of a forum for environmental scientists, RI service developers, and technology providers to discuss technical challenges and solutions. - The promotion of new collaborations between user communities, the development teams and e-infrastructure service providers. - The formulation of a conceptual paradigm for ENVRI-as-a-Service for Open Science Cloud. TARGET AUDIENCE - Environmental Research Infrastructures who want to come together to jointly build thematic services to EOSC. - E-infrastructure technology providers who want to help community requirements. STRUCTURE - Four invited talks from representative European environmental RIs on scientific use cases and service solutions (4 x10 mins presentation +Q&A) - One mini-panel discussion on “A Roadmap for Building ENVRI-as-a-Service to EOSC” (50min) Before go to the session, please complete the following survey:


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Type: Presentations Session: Building ENVRI-as-a-Service to the EOSC
The EuroArgo community aggregates the marine domain datasets, publishing and sharing access to its. An extensive number of research infrastructures needs those services. Since environmental data lifecycle is complex, keeping an eye on accumulated datasets is a repetitive and time consuming task for end-users. Thus a data subscription service has been developed. Euro Argo stations are exposed throu ... More
Presented by Dr. Claudio CACCIARI on 1/12/2017 at 10:00
The data for science theme in the ENVRIPLUS project aims to provide the reusable solutions to the common challenges that research infrastructures in environmental and earth science face. In this talk, the key achievements made by the theme on reference model, ontological framework, knowledge base and the service portfolio will be presented. The presenter will also discuss the new challenges that t ... More
Presented by Dr. Zhiming ZHAO on 1/12/2017 at 10:30
Critical for any research infrastructure, data quality control (QC) is an activity that spans several phases of the research data lifecycle, in particular data acquisition and data curation. It contributes to increased data fitness for downstream use in processing and use of data by researchers. While typical QC routines are common among infrastructures and can be abstracted into (parameterized) g ... More
Presented by Dr. Markus STOCKER
The discussion will be moderated based on the following questions: 1. What does EOSC mean for ENVRI RIs? How the community can benefit from EOSC? 2. What are the challenging issues to connect ENVRI to EOSC? 3. What is a roadmap toward an ENVRI asS to EOSC?
Presented by Dr. Zhiming ZHAO, Dr. Giovanni MORELLI, Dr. Markus STOCKER, Dr. Ingemar HAGGSTROM, Dr. Maggie HELLSTROM on 1/12/2017 at 10:40
Type: Presentations Session: Building ENVRI-as-a-Service to the EOSC
ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System) is a pan-European research infrastructure with a mission to collect high-quality observational data on greenhouse gases and the environment. ICOS has pledged to make all its data openly available and FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) for all users. To support this, ICOS is developing a data management based on a PID-centric approac ... More
Presented by Dr. Maggie HELLSTROM on 1/12/2017 at 10:20
Type: Presentations Session: Building ENVRI-as-a-Service to the EOSC
For the ENVRIplus RIs, the ultimate goal is to provide quality-checked and calibrated observational data to their user communities. Virtual Research Environments (VREs) have in recent years emerged as an important approach to providing web-based systems to help researchers. A VRE for the ENVRIplus community has been setup using the D4Science platform D4Science supports a ... More
Presented by Dr. Ingemar HAGGSTROM on 1/12/2017 at 10:10
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