participants: Claudio, Dieter

excused: Willem

Temporary computing resources request for the IEEE-CLARIN hackathon

request was taken up quickly, CLARIN in process to setup the machine

RDA activities

CLARIN is/was active in the following groups:

Especially the activities on actionability of Digital Objects (also in the C2CAMP context) are relevant for our EOSC-hub activities.

Dieter thinks there is probably no need for a specific EOSC-hub IG or WG, we should rather aim at connecting to the existing groups.

EOSC-hub week

There is interest an a T7.1-specific work meeting during the EOSC-hub week.

T7.1 progress

Progress according to planning. No special issues.


Dieter will contact Enol Fernández again since there was no answer to earlier email about notebooks.