Attendees: CLARIN, ECAS

Missing: GEOSS, DARIAH, LifeWatch

Justified: EO Pillar, OPENCoastS, WeNMR, DODAS

  • Claudio informed the task leaders about the need to provide feedback by next Monday, August 27th, for the preparation of the 2nd amendment: the allocation of 1.45 M of euros.
  • Deliverables: Claudio will provide the ToC of the D7.1 by the end of September.
  • WP13 deliverable D13.1 due by the end of September. Still not clear how Malgorzata will structure it.
  • WP11 TS presentations: work in progress.
  • DI4R: the session about WP7 has been rejected, but part of the content planned for that session will be included in the EOSC-hub session. Claudio and Tiziana have not decided its structure yet.
    • No progress on the interactions between WP7 and WP6 about the TSs integration with EOSC-hub core services.