Vincenzo Spinoso
Alessandro Paolini (EGI Foundation)
Bartosz Bosak
Joao Pina
Jürgen Starek (DESY)
Maiken Pedersen
Matthew Viljoen (EGI Foundation)
Mattias Ellert
Paolo Andreetto
Zdeněk Šustr (CESNET)


 Jürgen: will help with finding EAs/SR reports, 3.2 to 5.0 not automatic but fully supported and documented; TBC that 3.2 is golden, 5.0 is NOT; 5.0 has no new features, available since end of January, mainly focused on documentation and stability
- Alessandro: APEL released
- Paolo: CREAM in progress, coordinating a release around BLAH; Vincenzo: probably April is a good moment as the regular UMD is scheduled 
- Zdenek: canL-java still getting some reports, so if there are issues with that please let Zdenek know and they can still do something
- Zdenek: gridsite: there are still components relying on gridsite, especially in WLCG and FedCloud (here only used for VOMS); there will be an update for CERN, NOT urgent for EGI