19-22 May 2014
Helsinki University, Main Building, Helsinki, Finland
Europe/Madrid timezone

Introducing rOCCI-server and the rOCCI Framework

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Helsinki University, Main Building, Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki University, Main Building, Helsinki, Finland



Zdenek Sustr (CESNET)

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rOCCI is a new product developed inside EGI to facilitate interoperability within the Federated Cloud Platform. It is currently being deployed across EGI Federated Cloud sites, and users will be using it more and more frequently, be it directly through their OCCI-enabled clients, or indirectly through brokers or submission portals. This poster aims at informing FedCloud users about the new component in the Federated Cloud Platform.

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The OCCI (Open Cloud Computing Interface) Standard by the Open Grid Forum is becoming more and more popular and, indeed, is one of the most widely adopted standards across the cloudscape. It focuses on integration, portability and interoperability, and also provides a high degree of
extensibility. The rOCCI framework implements the OCCI standard and exposes essential client- and server-side functionality to simplify the use of OCCI by developers and – through providing its own command-line interface to OCCI – also to users. The rOCCI-server takes that simplification even further. Despite the above-mentioned high rate of adoption of OCCI, popular but OCCI-incompliant cloud management platforms still exist. The rOCCI server extends such services to provide OCCI capabilities by exposing its OCCI interface on the outside, and communicating internally with the cloud management platform through its arbitrary API by means of a product-specific backend. rOCCI is an EGI product currently being released into the EGI Cloud Federated Platform to bring OCCI capabilities to sites relying on the OpenNebula Cloud Manager. This poster introduces the basic principles of the rOCCI-server, and explains the overall architecture of cloud sites, which decide to employ it.

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