Security training - EGI Conference 2015




Daniel Kouril (CESNET) , Sven Gabriel (FOM)

This tutorial is part of the EGI Conference 2015 (Lisbon, 18-22 May)


Cyber attacks have become ubiquitous and attackers incessantly strive to find weaknesses in systems on the Internet and abuse them. Successful attacks not only cause internal problems but also can damage reputation of the attacked organization or lead to other consequences. To face current threats it is important to understand them and the way how attacks are performed. The tutorial is aimed to illustrate basic principles of cyber attacks. The participants will take the role of an attacker and will be tasked with penetrating a remote machine and abuse it for an illicit activity.

Capture the Flag

The training will be performed in a contained environment and participants will be provided with dedicated sandboxes. The session will be organized as a Capture the Flag game where attendees are required to find a hidden flag to proceed to the next level. The tutorial will show very basic techniques that are often used by attackers (finding database vulnerabilities, abusing institution's machines for further attack).


The game is on entry level and does not require any significant specific skills from security area. Basic knowledge of Linux administration and networking is sufficient. Participants will need their own laptops running any operating system. The requisite however is to have the Chrome web browser (at least version 38) installed!


The tutorial is free for attendants of the EGI Conference 2015. Use the link below to register for the training and please note that we can accommodate only a limited number of attendees.

  • andrea manzi
  • André Gemuend
  • Boris Parak
  • Doina Cristina Aiftimiei
  • Luis Alves
  • Malgorzata Krakowian
  • Marcel Oomens
  • Marco Verlato
  • Martin Loginov
  • Mischa Sallé
  • Tibor Kurca
  • Ulf Tigerstedt
  • Vincenzo Spinoso
  • Zdenek Sustr
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