5-8 April 2016
Science Park
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AAI services for Research Infrastructures

7 Apr 2016, 16:00
Science Park

Science Park

1098XG Amsterdam


AAI services for Research Infrastructures

  • Peter Solagna (EGI.eu)


EGI infrastructure is evolving to open to new authentication technologies, making easier for new user communities to adopt EGI services. The evolution of the EGI AAI technologies is driven by the EGI-Engage project, and it is a close collaboration with the other European initiatives working towards a more effective integration of federated identitiy management, such as the AARC project. This session will include presentations about the current status of the AAI integration in the existing EGI services, and the design of a new set of services to facilitate federated identity adoption for EGI users. During the session there will be also presentations updating about the work done by other initiatives, and the results that directly or indirectly benefit the EGI ecosystem.
Attending the session, participants will learn about the progresses in the EGI AAI platform development, the progresses in other related initiatives, and how their work, either as a service provider, user community, or researcher, can benefit from these results. Providing feedback to the presenters, participants will help to steer the ongoing evolution, by adding new use cases, and new requirements, to make the work of EGI as close as possible to their needs.

Presentation Materials

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Peter Solagna (EGI.eu)
07/04/2016, 16:00
Christos Kanellopoulos (GRNET) , Christos Kanellopoulos (GRNET)
07/04/2016, 16:05
Marios Chatziangelou (GRNET) , Marios Chatziangelou (IASA) , Nicolas Liampotis (GRNET) , david meredith (STFC)
07/04/2016, 16:35
Demos of the integration for: - AppDB - GOCDB with LoA management - Attribute aggregation
Mischa Salle (NIKHEF)
07/04/2016, 16:55
Christos Kanellopoulos (GRNET)
07/04/2016, 17:10
Andrea Ceccanti (INFN)
07/04/2016, 17:30
07/04/2016, 17:45
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