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    • 13:00 13:10
      Agenda Bashing / Action Review 10m
    • 13:10 13:30
      Checklist for Production 20m
      - Terms and Conditions of e-GRANT Including statement of non-responsibility of - Master Service Agreement Single agreement between and any service provider wanting to be visible in e-GRANT and the terms, conditions, terms, policies, etc. - Proof or verification that the visible provider is "truly able" to sell services e.g. add downloadable agreement between provider and Ministry - Add a “I have read the T&Cs and understand the selected service provider policies” for the customer before hitting the "submit request" button for addition protection - Add column in GocDB for “P4U access policy” We have most of this information, but we need to find a way to articulate the access policies from the providers given that they are so different e.g. in X country only, outside of X country only, or only for EU, etc. - Documentation Users facing and provider facing
    • 13:30 13:45
      Business Opportunities 15m
      - CloudSME 7 EGI providers expressed interest so far Call to be confirmed (Mon 29 Feb at 14:00) - H2020 Proposals (x3) ICT-06-2016 Cloud Computing SC5-20-2016 European data hub of the GEOSS information system EINFRA-22-2016 (2) User-driven e-infrastructure innovation - UberCloud (upcoming) Once EGI Store online, 11 SMEs have been identified as potential targets - Human Brain Project (upcoming) Request for expressions of interest expected; currently understanding subcontracting mechanisms - Others?
    • 13:45 13:55
      EGI Conference Programme Update 10m
      - No dedicated pay-for-use session - Other sessions of interest Plenary: EGI Business Engagement Programme launch (to include P4U in production announcement?) Session: Managing Research Services (Wed 6 April) Session: EGI Marketplace (Wed 6 April) Session: Procurement (Thur 7 April)
    • 13:55 14:00
      AOB 5m
      - D2.8 Communications, Dissemination and Engagement Report and Updated Strategy Out for external review: - D2.9 Sustainability and Business Development By time of meeting should be out by external review: - Other?