Operations Management Board

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Alessandro Paolini
Peter Solagna
Adrian Coveney
Ivan Diaz Alvarez
Stephane Gerard
Ulf Tigerstedt
Ionut Vasile
Gianfranco Sciacca
Rob Quick
Vincenzo Spinoso
Miroslav Dobrucky
Dragos Ciobanu-Zabet
Sven Gabriel
Linda Cornwall
Cyril L'Orphelin
Vincent Brillault

List of new actions

ACTION EGI Operations and APEL team: Evaluate the creation of a new service type for monitoring the publication of storage accounting data and propose to NGIs.

======= Introduction: changes in April and May OMB dates =========
Speaker:     Peter Solagna (EGI.eu)


Next OMB tentative date, to be confermed: May 4th (April 27th is holiday day in the Netherlands)
Since the NGI session in the EGI conference in Catania, the OMB planned on May 25th is cancelled (bank holiday in the Netherlands)

Access to GGUS is possible by means of CheckIn

in the EGI conference in Catania there will be a session dedicated to EGI Operations (NGI Roadmaps and operations), on May 11th. Ealry birds closes March 31st.

 Security update

Speaker:     Dr. Sven Gabriel (NIKHEF)

Update on security issues affecting cloud and HTC.

Update on storage accounting

Speaker:     Adrian Coveney (STFC)

25 sites are sending storage accounting data (only from dCache and DPM SEs) need to verify the data before deploying the script in production.

Need to agree on a GOC-DB service type to use for authorising the SEs and making the sites automatically appear on the portal (now the process is manual)
For the moment we could use "SRM" maybe for monitoring purposes it could be necessary creating a new service type.
Let's check the status during the next OMB for deciding about deployment plans
ACTION: Evaluate the creation of a new service type for monitoring the publication of storage accounting data.

 Monitoring update

Speaker:     Mr. Emir Imamagic (SRCE)

Not able to join to the meeting, an email updating on this topic will be circulated later

EOSC-hub overview

Speaker:     Peter Solagna (EGI.eu)
Overview of the project submitted for EINFRA-12a call. Summary of the operations-related activities.

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