Operations Management Board

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Peter Solagna
Alessandro Paolini
Adrian Coveney (APE/SFTC)
Cyril Lorphelin
Dragos Ciobanu-Zabel
Emir Imamagic
Eric Yen
Linda Cornwall (SFTC, RAL, PPD)
Dave Kelsey
George Ryall
Gianfranco Sciacca
Joao Pina
Kostas Koumantaros
Ian Neilson
Ionut Vasile (NGI_RO)
Miroslav Ruda
Stephane Gerard
Sven Gordon
Vincenzo Spinoso


Peter Solagna reported on some general Operations topics:
EOSC-hub project approval,
WMS decommissioning
Globus support
ARGO updates
Accounting portal testing

August OMB to be cancelled due to summer holidays

New EGI Security policies

David Kelsey presented on behalf of the SPG the new policies updated. These are :

Community Operations Security Policy
Community Membership Management Policy

Action for NGIs: review the documents during August. These policies are mostly for the VOs, but NGIs (and sites) should evaluate if following these policies is enough for a VO who wants to access securely NGI/Site services.

If no major comments the policies will be approved at the beginning of August, through an email to the OMB mailing list.

SVG Strategy and issue handling

Linda Cornwall presented the updated SVG strategy.

Action on the NGIs: review the documents by the end of August.

Similarly to the previous policies, if no major comments the documents will be approved at the beginning of August, through an email to the OMB mailing list.

 UMD and CMD updates

Vincenzo Spinoso reported the current UMD/CMD activities.

On top on the information included in the presentation it was discussed the fact that OneData components are not distributed yet in UMD. The plans are to release it in UMD, but having been developed heavily in the past year, there has not been yet a stable release to push in the UMD process. The last release is more promising.

Storage accounting plans

Adrian Coveney reported that the validation steps for the storage accounting data have been successful, and that the deployment in production can start in September

The APEL components needed for the storage accounting will be released in UMD before the campaign starts.

NGI Operations survey

Peter Solagna presented a summary on the survey run in the past month among NGIs.

On top of the topics discussed in the presentation, it has been discussed that would be beneficial to discuss about new services in the coming OMBs, for example managed services like Galaxy or other SaaS/PaaS. New communities are asking for Cloud and more high level services, and it would be beneficial for the NGIs to share expertise and knowledge on the services.


Sven Gabriel provided a status update on the site security challenge for FedCloud. Communication challenge has been good, but the SSC was implemented for 10 sites only, due to technical issues with the other sites. Full report will follow in one of the next OMBs.


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    • 10:00 10:15
      Introduction 15m
      Speaker: Peter Solagna (EGI.eu)
    • 10:15 10:35
      New EGI Security policies 20m
      Community Operations Security Policy Community Membership Management Policy
      Speaker: David Kelsey (STFC)
    • 10:35 10:50
      SVG strategy and issue handling 15m
      Speaker: Linda Cornwall (STFC)
    • 10:50 11:05
      UMD and CMD updates 15m
      Speaker: Vincenzo Spinoso (INFN)
    • 11:05 11:20
      Storage accounting plans 15m
      Speaker: Adrian Coveney (STFC)
    • 11:20 11:40
      NGI Operations survey 20m
      Speaker: Peter Solagna (EGI.eu)
    • 11:40 11:50
      AOB 10m