FitSM Advanced Training in Service Planning and Delivery (Group 1) - Didcot, UK - 2-3 Dec 2019 (STFC)

R78, Training Room (STFC)

R78, Training Room


Harwell Campus, Didcot OX11 0QX
Sy Holsinger (

IT Service Management is a discipline that helps provide services with a focus on customer needs and in a professional manner. It is widely used in the commercial and public sectors to manage IT services of all types, but current solutions are very heavyweight with high barriers to entry.

FitSM is a lightweight approach to professionally managing services. It brings order and traceability to a complex area and provides simple, practical support in getting started with ITSM. FitSM training and certification provides crucial help in providing services and improving their management. It provides a common conceptual and process model, sets out straightforward and realistic requirements and links them to supporting materials.

This two-day Advanced level course aims to provide individuals with deeper knowledge into the ITSM processes focusing on service planning and delivery.


  • 15 hours (plus 60-minute exam)

Target audience

  • Individuals aiming to fulfil a coordinating role in the ITSM processes related to the planning and delivery of IT services
  • Candidates who wish to progress to expert level of the qualification and certification scheme

Entry requirements

  • Must hold FitSM Foundation Certificate


  • Repeat the most important foundation knowledge on (lightweight) ITSM
  • Become familiar with the general aspects of implementing ITSM, the processes required to plan and deliver services effectively (according to the FitSM-1 standard), and important interfaces in a service management system.
  • ITSM processes in focus of this training:
    • Service portfolio management
    • Service level management
    • Service reporting management
    • Service availability and continuity management
    • Capacity management
    • Information security management
    • Customer relationship management
    • Supplier relationship management


  • 60 minutes, at the end of the training
  • Closed book, i.e. no aids are allowed
  • 30 multiple-choice questions (four possible answers for each question, one correct answer per question)
  • At least 70% correct answers (21 of 30) are required to pass the examination

Training Outputs 

  • Exam scores
  • Certificates for those passing the exam with unique certificate license number, provided by the certification authority APMG

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The current version of the FitSM Advanced training slides and other material can be found here:

  • Darren Moore
  • John Good
  • Julimar Romero
  • Marcello Armand
  • Martin Bly
  • Miguel Lopez
  • Stuart Pullinger
  • Tim Folkes
  • Monday, 2 December
    • 08:30 09:00
      Welcome Coffee / Getting settled in 30m
    • 09:00 10:30
      FitSM Foundation wrap-up & ITSM basics
      Convener: Sy Holsinger (
    • 10:30 10:45
      Coffee/Tea Break 15m
    • 10:45 12:15
      Selected general aspects of establishing a service management system (SMS)

      Top management responsibility
      – Commitment and leadership
      – Governance and policies
      – Documents and records
      – Document control
      Defining the scope of service management
      The PDCA cycle applied to the SMS
      – Planning service management (PLAN)
      – Implementing service management (DO)
      – Monitoring and reviewing service management (CHECK)
      – Continually improving service management (ACT)

      Convener: Sy Holsinger (
    • 12:15 13:00
      Lunch 45m
    • 13:00 14:15
      Service Portfolio Management (SPM)
      Convener: Sy Holsinger (
    • 14:15 14:30
      Coffee/Tea Break 15m
    • 14:30 15:45
      Service Level Management (SLM); Service Reporting Management (SRM)
      • Service Level Management (SLM)
      • Service Reporting Management (SRM)
      Convener: Sy Holsinger (
    • 15:45 16:00
      Coffee/Tea Break 15m
    • 16:00 17:15
      Service Availability & Continuity Management (SACM)
      Convener: Sy Holsinger (
    • 17:15 17:30
      Wrap-up, Next Day Overview 15m
  • Tuesday, 3 December
    • 08:30 09:00
      Coffee / Getting settled in 30m
    • 09:00 10:15
      Capacity Management (CAPM)
      Convener: Sy Holsinger (
    • 10:15 10:45
      Coffee/Tea 30m
    • 10:45 12:15
      Information Security Management (ISM)
      Convener: Sy Holsinger (
    • 12:15 13:00
      Lunch 45m
    • 13:00 14:30
      Customer and Supplier Relationship Management; Process interfaces and dependencies
      • Customer relationship management (CRM)
      • Supplier relationship management (SUPPM)
      • ITSM process interfaces and dependencies
      • Sample exam & exam preparation
      Convener: Sy Holsinger (
    • 14:30 15:00
      Coffee/Tea/Exam Prep 30m
    • 15:00 17:30
      • Exam instructions
      • Exam
      • Provisional individual exam results