Webinar: The EGI Notebooks service: Support for analytics and big data visualisation in the cloud

by Enol Fernandez (Cloud Solutions Manager at EGI Foundation)

Zoom webinar

Zoom webinar


Are you curious to learn more about the EGI Notebooks service and how to use it with Binder and other open-source solutions to implement Open Science?

Objectives of the webinar

  • Learn about about EGI's browser-based, scalable tool for interactive data analysis

  • Learn what the EGI Notebooks service offers researchers and communities

  • Learn how EGI supports compute- or data-intensive tasks

  • Learn how to use the EGI Notebook service with Binder and other open-source solutions

Target audience

Scientific communities, for programmers and IT-service providers who support research and education.

Webinar programme (1h)

  • Overview about the EGI Notebooks service

  • EGI Notebooks & Binder technologies

  • Q&A

Description about the presentation

The EGI Notebooks service is an environment based on Jupyter and the EGI cloud service that offers a browser-based, scalable tool for interactive data analysis. The notebooks environment provides users with notebooks where they can combine text, mathematics, computations and rich media output. The service, in production since late 2019, it is offered in two options:

  • Notebooks for researchers: 

    • EGI offers a basic instance of the Notebooks as an open service. Any researcher can access this automatically to write and play notebooks on limited capacity cloud servers.

  • Notebooks for communities: 

    • EGI offers customised Notebooks service to scientific communities. Such customised instances can be hosted on special hardware (for example with fat nodes and GPUs), can offer special libraries, data import/export and user authentication systems.

During the webinar Enol will go through the main features of the EGI Notebooks service and he will explain how to use it with Binder and other open-source solutions to implement Open Science. 

About the speaker

Enol Fernandez is Cloud Solutions Manager at the EGI Foundation working on the definition of the EGI Cloud federation architecture and its innovation roadmap. He also supports the EGI Community Team in the co-design and implementation of solutions for meeting the computing requirements of their research platforms and applications. Previously, he worked in the User Community Support Team of EGI and as a middleware developer and providing support to user communities at UAB and CSIC in the context of distributed computing European projects. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Universitat Autòmoma de Barcelona and a Computing Engineering Degree from Universidad de La Laguna.