Webinar: Introduction to HTCondor-CE service

by Mr Brian Lin (OSG Software Team Manager )

Zoom webinar

Zoom webinar


Are you curious to learn all about the HTCondor-CE service?

Objectives of the webinar

Learn about about the HTCondor-CE service and how it could be considered a good alternative as a CE endpoint solution

Target audience

Scientific communities, for programmers and IT-service providers who support research and education.

Webinar programme (1h)

  • Overview of HTCondor Compute Element (HTCondor-CE)

  • Managing HTCondor-CE in an EGI environment

  • Q&A

Description about the presentation

The HTCondor-CE software is a site gateway that accepts remote resource requests (i.e., pilot jobs) and passes them along to the site's local batch system (e.g. Grid Engine, HTCondor, LSF, PBS Pro/Torque, or Slurm). 

Based on HTCondor, HTCondor-CE is widely used across the Open Science Grid (OSG) as the preferred Compute Element (CE) solution, and is now an official part of the HTCondor Software Suite. 

With the retirement of CREAM endpoints across the EGI sites planned by end of 2020, HTCondor-CE could be considered a good alternative as a CE endpoint solution and this talk will explain the reasons by giving an overview of the HTCondor-CE architecture, configuration, APEL and BDII support, and feature roadmap.

About the speaker

Brian Lin is the OSG Software Team manager and lead HTCondor-CE developer working at the UW–Madison Center for High Throughput Computing (CHTC). He is responsible for the packaging and maintenance of the OSG Software Stack as well as supporting its usage by OSG sites and other OSG teams. He is also active in the HTCondor support channels (HTCondor admin and HTCondor users). He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Atmospheric Sciences and Physics from McGill University (Canada).