Webinar: Rolling out ARC6 CE

by Balazs Konya (EMI project)

Zoom webinar

Are you curious to learn all about the ARC6 CE service?

Objective of the webinar

Planning a migration to ARC from the CREAM platform and rolling out ARC6 CE.

Target audience

Site administrators already familiar with an earlier version of ARC CE or planning a migration to ARC from the CREAM platform

Webinar programme (1h)

  • Birds-eye overview of ARC-CE

  • Changes from ARC5 to ARC6

  • ARC6 CE deployment in six steps

  • Accounting in ARC6

  • Managing an ARC6 CE with the new sysadmin toolkit

  • Q&A (15 min)

Description of the webinar

The Advanced Resource Connector (ARC) middleware integrates computing resources (usually, computing clusters managed by a batch system), making them available via a secure common layer. Conceptually, ARC provides an edge service to batch systems. Through this service, called ARC Compute Element (ARC-CE), scientific communities can launch and manage computational tasks in a uniform manner. 

A bit more than a year ago a non backward compatible major version, the ARC6.0 was released bringing new functionality, enhanced manageability and increased stability to the community. With the availability of the ARC6 release the support for the previous ARC5 deployments are to be discontinued with the end of June 2020.

This interactive webinar will introduce the major new features of the ARC6 release and cover the deployment steps of an ARC6 CE  both as a new installation and as an upgrade from a previous ARC5-based deployment. Special attention will be given to the accounting system related changes and the new one-shop-stop sysadmin toolbox built around arcctl. 

About the speakers

The development and maintenance of the open source Advanced Resource Connector middleware is coordinated by the NorduGrid Collaboration. This webinar including a Q&A part will be delivered by the core development team behind the ARC software.