Attendees: Debora, Willem, Dieter

* Evaluation on AAI -> Daan will take the lead but outline to decide what to be in the document. Periodic meetings with Daan to close this before the end of the year. 

* VLO: deployment of a new release with some fix 
* VLR: deployment of  a new release with some fix 
* Switchboard: a big release in the pipeline soon

* B2SHARE: confirmation from team and scheduled for beginning 2021. 

* Screencast of the demo for June from the EOSC-hub review -> ready here: 
https://youtu.be/YvZ9Y_uyr7M  (without captions)
https://youtu.be/VEqV2haNlFA  (with captions)

It is not just EOSC-hub it can be re-used.

Reminder of the progress reporting in December.

Next meeting: 10th of Dec 14:00 CET

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