Cloud & HTC infrastructure integration workshop


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Meeting ID: 815 1065 6054
Passcode: egi-ace

This EGI-ACE workshop brings together the cloud and High Throughput Compute partners, as well as the platform and federation service providers of the EGI-ACE project. The goals of the event are to

  • present the current status, access policies and future plans of the partner infrastructures
  • discuss integration plans for partner infrastructures to  serve existing and future users of the EOSC Compute Platform
  • present the status of the core EGI-ACE infrastructure sites, and the integration with EGI-ACE platform and federation services. 

Participants of this workshop include EGI-ACE WP2.3 members (partner infrastructures); WP3 members (core infrastructure providers); WP4 members (platform providers); WP7.4 members (international cloud partner infrastructures); WP6 members (federated access services); EGI partners.