Oct 18 – 22, 2021
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

StairwAI - A new service layer

Oct 20, 2021, 2:10 PM
go.egi.eu/egi2021-4 (Zoom Room 4)


Zoom Room 4

Presentation short (15 min) Envisioning the Future - Presentations


Prof. Michela Milano (University of Bologna)Dr Gabriel G. Castañe (University College Cork)



The StairwAI project aims to create a bridge between users in a low-tech level to the higher-level AI resources. The project will do this by facilitating low-tech users' engagement on the AI on-demand Platform. This will be achieved through a new service layer enriching the functionalities of the on-demand platform and containing:

(1) a multi-lingual interaction layer enabling conversations with the Platform in the user’s own language,

(2) a horizontal matchmaking service for the automatic discovery of AI assets (tools, data sets, AI experts, consultants, papers, courses etc.) meeting the user requirements and,

(3) a vertical matchmaking service that will dimension and provision hardware resources through a proper hardware provider (HPC, Cloud and Edge infrastructures).

Objectives of the StairwAI project


  • To provide a framework compliant with the principles of ethical AI


  • To ease the access to the AI-on-demand platform through natural
    language interaction
  • To satisfy the end user needs through horizontal matchmaking services
  • To dimension the physical resources of the AI on demand platform with
    end user requirements


  • To contribute to strengthen the European SMEs – including low tech
    SMEs – and DIH
  • To promote the sustainability of the AI on-demand platform
  • To reduce fragmentation of AI research and development

AI techniques in use

  • Natural language processing (NLP) in different languages for easing
    low-tech users’ interaction
  • Knowledge representation for organizing the platform AI assets, reputation and fairness mechanisms
  • Constraint solving, optimization and machine learning to satisfy users’ business needs

Open calls

60 SMEs in low-tech sectors will be funded.

Pilot calls:

28 low tech SMEs will be selected in two different Open Calls: StaiwAI will support the preparation of the feasibility plan for the adoption of AI solutions by the low-tech sector SMEs and delivering a pilot for the adoption of AI.

Call for adopters:

32 low tech SMEs will be selected in one Open Call: StairwAI will support just the feasibility plan for the adoption of previously piloted AI solutions by low-tech sector SMEs.

(This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101017142)

Most suitable track Envisioning the future

Primary authors

Prof. Michela Milano (University of Bologna) Dr Gabriel G. Castañe (University College Cork)

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