EOSC-hub WP9 Bi-weekly call

GTM-P1 (GoToMeeting)



Sy Holsinger (EGI.eu)
This reoccurring meeting, held on a bi-weekly basis, aims to support WP9 management activities. Target participation is to have at least one representative from each partner that is contributing to the overall project and WP9 objectives i.e. EGI Foundation, CINECA, F6S, PSNC, UCL.


  • Periodic Report Contributions
    • Max deadline for the project is 11 Dec
    • Will review WP9 contributions during the next 2 bi-weekly calls


Business Pilots and Collaborations

  • Muon
    • Currently running with the resources to be provided
    • To follow up just to double check and to start discussions regarding final reporting
  • Ibisa+
    • Data provider found in Poland
    • Deimos meeting held, but they didn't have the data they needed
    • Sy to try
      • EODC, Deltares? Agri-infra (Enol)?
      • OpenAIRE?
      • EGI ping for ideas (Gergely)
  • KnowCo
    • AAI is happening via tickets
    • Onboarding to EOSC portal
      • Internal discussions happening to clarify the service description
    • A positive result has at least been with the community meeting contract
    • NB: General note, is that the ticket needs to be the official source of communications
    • Infrastructure going well
    • Experts on Hadoop, no one via EOSC partners, but found one within PSNC
    • No issues have arisen, but need to follow up just to double check
  • Erasmus+
    • Promotion for universities was done
    • Security audit planned for Jan'21
  • ESAX
    • Should be in final phase
    • Focus now on reporting
  • DEIP
    • Now in the infrastructure set-up
    • Final confirmation of requirements
    No updates from pilots
    • NetService
      • Sy followed with AP, pushed EF, will follow up
      • Now to back to EF for update
      • Push final activities
    • DCP
      • Final push of their desktop computing into universities
        • Discuss with GS
      • Will now move to final reporting; to share ToC for completion
    • BBC
      • Using some resources, but not much
      • To follow up regarding final reporting, etc.

Commercialization support

    • DataFurn
      • Signed
    • Koma Nord
      • Signed
    • Bentley
      • Prepare full doc with 2nd use case; ask if they are ok to sign, if not, we just keep for our records as an agreement for a "continued support" to hit the KPI

Terms of Reference

  • Really focus on in Jan 2021


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    • 11:45 AM 12:45 PM
      Final Project Priorities
      • Last Deliverable (D9.4)
        --- Suggestions for improvement
        --- Business pilot contribution update
      • Terms of Reference for operating the DIH post-project
        --- External consultant review
      • Success Story Brochure
        --- Collection status update
      • Final Event/Workshop
        --- Agenda review
        --- Panelist confirmations
        --- Instructions for pilots and panellists
      • Dissemination
        --- Website updates
        --- Social media posts
        --- Community Meeting
      • Admin
        --- Metrics and KPIs
        --- Final EC Review (Need pilot demo + slides)
    • 12:45 PM 1:00 PM
      AOB + Next Meetings
      • AOB
      • Meeting Schedule
        --- 31 Mar (last WP meeting)