Managing Singularity, Docker and udocker containers, Kubernetes clusters in the EGI Cloud

by Enol Fernandez (EGI.eu)

Zoom webinar

Zoom webinar


Target audience

Scientific communities, and programmers who support research and education.

Webinar programme (1h)

  • Guidelines and best practices on how to manage Kubernetes and Docker containers in the EGI-ACE Compute Platform:

    • Introduction to containers

    • Running containers in EGI: docker, udocker and singularity

    • Introduction to Kubernetes

    • Managing Kubernetes clusters in the EGI cloud

  • Q&A

Description about the presentation

Containers provide a streamlined way to build, test, deploy, and redeploy applications on different environments: from the developer’s local machine to any cloud provider. Containers make it easy for developers to package applications and for operators to manage and deploy those applications on the infrastructure. Container orchestrators like Kubernetes facilitate the management of containerized workloads and services, using declarative configuration and automation. In this webinar we will introduce the different runtimes available for executing containers in EGI infrastructure and will show how to manage Kubernetes clusters to get your containers under control executed on EGI cloud providers.

About the speaker

 Enol Fernandez
 Cloud Solutions Manager at EGI Foundation



Enol Fernandez is Cloud Solutions Manager at the EGI Foundation working on the definition of the EGI Cloud federation architecture and its innovation roadmap. He also supports the EGI Community Team in the co-design and implementation of solutions for meeting the computing requirements of their research platforms and applications. Previously, he worked in the User Community Support Team of EGI and as a middleware developer and providing support to user communities at UAB and CSIC in the context of distributed computing European projects. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Universitat Autòmoma de Barcelona and a Computing Engineering Degree from Universidad de La Laguna.