EOSC Future T8.2 Kick-off Call

Zoom (Passcode: 930308)


Passcode: 930308


This is the first meeting to kick-off the EOSC DIH activities under Task 8.2 of the EOSC Future project. Target participation is to have at least one representative from each partner that is contributing to the task: EGI Foundation, PSNC, EUDAT (CSC, CINECA), TGB, JNP, JISC and OpenAIRE.

Summary of Actions:

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    • 10:00 AM 10:15 AM
      Roundtable 15m
      • Parter Intros
    • 10:15 AM 10:50 AM
      Task Overview 35m
      • Project WPs
      • WP8 Overview
      • T8.2 Details
        --- Objectives
        --- Subtasks and activities
        --- Deliverables and Milestones
        --- KPIs, metrics and budget
        --- Relations to other WPs
        --- Open Calls
        --- Management tools and communication
      • EOSC DIH
        --- Website
        --- Social Media
        --- MoU and ToR
      • Open Actions
    • 10:50 AM 11:00 AM
      Action Review + Next Meeting 10m
      • Ensure everyone is on the same page
      • Finding a fixed day and time of week for regular fortnightly calls