EOSC Future T8.2 Bi-weekly Call

Zoom (Passcode: 793267)


Passcode: 793267


This is the regular bi-weekly meeting of EOSC DIH activities under T8.2 of the EOSC Future project. Target participation is to have at least one representative from each partner that is contributing to the task: EGI Foundation, PSNC, EUDAT (CSC, CINECA), TGB, JNP, JISC and OpenAIRE.

General Updates

  • Review meeting 2nd June. 22th April deadline to provide technical and financial reports.
  • New WP leader. Regular meetings in place

Operational Activities

  • Business Pilots
    • .Potential new pilot - Sy (Operas)
    • Agrifootprint still on waiting mode
    • CITE, 4Sciene , Inteligg in progress
    • Trango to contact
    • OiPub to update with Androniki. SLA and info 
  • Purchasing Services
    • The community platform template is drafted.
      • Action: EOSC DIH partners to check the draft. To be presented Friday 25th April to WP1.
    • 2 answers from communities. Clusters and Communties still to contact with support of wp10.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Good feedback from BigColdTrucks.
    • Highlight the feedback on the review to show the maturity
    • Elisa to complete the Y1 template
  • Collaboration with other WP
    • We will be included in the recommendation system.
    • New design of website "For...". Also a "For business" and we will get redirection to the DIH
    • Working on mockups and profiles for the UX perspective. Many suggestions done for improvement
    • Next 2-3 weeks to work on this, to be included in our presentations. 
  • Events
    • Coomunity event
    • EOSC providers day
    • EOSC policy event.
      • ACTION: Gwen will get more info on how to participate
    • EGI Conference: Booth + Session.
  • Dissemination and Material
    • Improve the way we publish / mention in twitter to give visibility to the founders (EOSC Future)
  • Website
    • Community Members page (with logos) created
    • Map: DIH Partners not updated with new EOSC Future partners
    • Photos! Need photos of the team to add to the team page
  • Consultancy Budget
    • PSNC to present some options for discussion
    • Partners to provide
    • Set up brainstorming
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