Workshop on IT federation and AI platform installation for adopter sites




This online workshop is the first milestone of iMagine WP4. The technical event is focused on the deployment and operation of DEEP AI platform on the project cloud resources (TUBITAK, CSIC, WIT, INCD).

The workshop is online and attended by WP4 members (DEEP platform providers, Cloud providers).

The agenda of the event is

1. Welcome and workshop goals (Gergely)
2.- Introduction to the DEEP platform for providers (technical side) (Alvaro, Ignacio - DEEP team)
3.- Description of the current platform components
4.- Description of the evolution of the platform components (short-term)
5.- Integration and operation plans (discussion with cloud sites)

The zoom link to join was sent in email to WP4 members.


Representatives of CSIC, IISAS, TUBITAK, Walton, EGI


Actions (By end of december):

1. Setup imagine VO in EGI with Check-in (Catalin)

2. Register Alvaro, Valentin, Viet with 'provider role' in the VO (Catalin)

3. Integrate CSIC cloud resources to the VO (Catalin, Alvaro)

4. Configure the DEEP AI platform with the CSIC cloud in the imagine VO. Run tests for the different user scenarios

5. Write imagine specific 'how to get access to the platform' page for imagine members (Can be e.g. in the project confluence:

Actions (Before the January f2f event):

1. Deploy imagine specific dashboard (DEEP team)

2. Integrate the 3 additional clouds into the VO (Catalin)

3. Pilot the access to the 3 additional clouds from the DEEP platform (DEEP team)

4. Develop tutorials for the workshop

Additional actions:

How can we 'simplify/advance' data management? 

1. Check the GEANT Transfer Node concept and how it relates to the EGI data mgm solutions. (

2. Integrate EGI DataHub to DEEP

3. Change Indigo IAM to Check-in in DEEP (it is not a blocking work for the January workshop)


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