Jun 19 – 23, 2023
Novotel Poznań Centrum
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Emerging Architectural Directions for Federated Digital Infrastructures

Jun 21, 2023, 2:00 PM
1h 40m
Novotel Poznań Centrum

Novotel Poznań Centrum

pl. Andersa 1 61-894 Poznań Poland


Recognizing ongoing work on innovative architectures for federated digital infrastructures, this session will present key architectural directions in GAIA-X, Data Spaces Business Alliance, W3C, CERN  and EOSC. 


To find potential areas of alignment or common architectural components, what is successful, what does not work.

To find gaps or challenges that still need to be addressed by architectures to solve complex challenges supporting big data for AI/ML, complex research environments, IoT etc… 

Will standardisation help in the road to convergence ?  

Do particular deployment models favour federations in any particular way  ? Blockchain, centralised, decentralised, wallets, pods etc … 

Session talks: presentations of major architectural families (60')

Technical Convergence efforts of the Data Spaces Business Alliance 12’ Daniel Alonso

GAIA-X architectural evolution 12’ Pierre Gronlier (remote)

Foundational Elements for Federated Digital Infrastructure from the W3C 12’, Rigo Wenning (remote)

Sharing applications and data between institutions with Open Cloud Mesh  Hugo Gonzalez Labrador 12’

To EOSC and Beyond: Future Directions of the European Open Science Cloud, Diego Scardaci 12’ 

Discussion & Panellist: moderated by Mark Dietrich (30')

Daniel Alonso BDVA
Rigo Wenning,  W3C
Pierre Gronlier,  GAIA-X
Hugo Gonzalez Labrador  & Giuseppe Lo Presti CERN
Diego Scardaci EGI

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